Zafferano America – the exclusive distributor of award-winning lighting and tableware design from Quinto di Treviso, Italy – has established a brand-new lighting division for North America, called Zafferano Lighting (

Zafferano Lighting will serve as the exclusive North American distributor for two of the company’s celebrated sub-brands, Ai Lati Lights and Zafferano Bespoke Lighting. 

Zafferano Lighting will sell to the trade (i.e. architects, designers, and hospitality specifiers) and will open distribution channels in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico for the company’s diverse line of lighting products such as Ai Lati Lighting, Zafferano’s utilitarian, sleek, and well-trusted lighting brand since 2005;

Zafferano America Bespoke, featuring colorful, vibrant, and high-quality designer pieces that showcase the company’s deep Italian design roots; and Cordless, including the popular Pina and Poldina cordless portable lamps that have been a hit with the hospitality industry as well as with consumers.

“Zafferano Lighting is now the one-stop-shop for those in the North American design industry to seek out product lines they know and love,” says Barrett Gross, President of Zafferano America. “Whether it’s bold pieces to make a statement in the interior of a hotel or reliable indoor/outdoor technical lighting for a commercial space, Zafferano Lighting has it all. We expect to see this new branch of the company achieve new heights, matching the already-booming cordless lamp, porcelain, colored glass, and stemware collections.”

Zafferano America has been selling Ai Lati and Bespoke collections as Zafferano USA since 2012, but only recently launched Zafferano America in 2019 as an official distribution arm. Retail operations at have skyrocketed and, with that, inquiries from design professionals seeking high-quality products that deliver Italy’s distinct design perspectives to the Americas. takes the company’s design stalwarts and groups them in a way that matches the bold advances the company’s products have made in hospitality, architecture, and commercial design.

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Zafferano America enjoyed a successful show at Dallas Market last week. From left to right, Barrett and Bernie Gross.