How long i’ve been at the company:

CEO, 3 years

How I ended up in lighting:

I was born into the fan industry. As a third-generation family member at the largest ceiling fan company in Israel, I started at the age of 12 spending my summers working with my father. Soon enough I was accompanying him on business trips to the Far East, Europe, and the U.S.—all while serving in the military and getting my BA in business and finance. I then moved to New York City in my early 20s and entered the fashion world, working at various fashion houses. I was involved in the full coordination of developing clothing lines from concept, design, production, and sales. Strongly influenced by art and home design lifestyle, I launched my own boutique fan company, curating a collection of designer fans with an emphasis on style and quality. I merged my experience in fashion with my passion for fans!

What I would be doing if I weren’t in the lighting business:

I would probably be working in architecture and interior design. However, in a perfect world I would move to Costa Rica, become a yoga teacher, surf every morning, and design my own bathing suits. Sometimes hobbies are meant to be just that!

Job accomplishment that I am most proud of to date:

Designing my own stand fan: the Star Fans’ 16-inch Oscillating Tripod Fan. She is my baby! The Tripod fan is the third addition to my collection. It has die-cast parts, wooden legs, matte finishes, and small craftsmanship details that make a meaningful difference. Not only are my Contemporary-style fans easy to install, silent, and provide strong airflow, but they can transform any space to one with personality and chicness.

What I like about the industry:

I like developing sustainable fans that are energy-efficient because it is crucial in today’s age of global warming. I enjoy interacting with all the different people around the world, whether they are designers, vendors, manufacturers, or clients. I like that fans have many benefits such as lowering energy costs and being useful all year—which I wish I could educate more people about. Also, I like keeping people cool!

What I wish were different:

Oh my…this is a loaded question! Where do I begin? As opposed to lighting, fans are usually an afterthought and I always wonder why. I wish people would put more effort into selecting and choosing fans because they end up being an important part of the overall aesthetic and functionality of a space. Fans can add value and transform any setting to a well-designed space. I hope to see more women in the fan industry in the future.

Where I hope my career will take me:

I see myself bringing fan aesthetics to a new level, adding more elegance and design to the fan industry by staying ahead of the market trends in fashion and technology.