Wish Denny Rehm a Happy Retirement at Golden Lighting in Dallas

50-year lighting veteran Denny Rehm, VP/Sales of Golden Lighting, will retire in December.

Denny Rehm has seen a lot of changes to the lighting industry since he began his career back in October 1965. One of the most striking changes, he points out, has been the migration of domestic manufacturers to facilities overseas. The concept of merchandising products has changed radically, the sales channels are different, margins have gotten slimmer, and there is more competition now than there has ever been.

If you ask him what hasn’t changed in half a century, he answers, “The importance of relationships with suppliers and customers.” Good old-fashioned customer service and relationship building are skills that will never become outdated – and best of all, remain appreciated. In fact, Denny’s best piece of advice to newcomers to the industry – whether they are starting their career with a manufacturer, a lighting rep agency, or with a retailer – applies to all: “Stay focused on your customers.”

Denny is proud to be a part of Golden Lighting, especially because the way they treat customers dovetails with his own work ethic. “The people at Golden totally focus on the customers. They have excellent strategic planning and [I believe they will] have continued strong growth in the decorative residential business.”

The executives of Golden Lighting extends an invitation to all lighting professionals at the June market to visit their showroom (4909 TM) and wish Denny a happy retirement. In addition a special Happy Hour celebration will be held on Thursday, June 19, in the Golden Lighting showroom from 4-6 P.M.

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