Douglas James Named Design Director of Inter-lux

Baltimore-based Inter-lux has appointed award-winning lighting and product designer Douglas James as Design Director.

“Aside from being an internationally awarded lighting designer, Douglas James is the author of the clearest brand of lighting products on the market today,” states Mark DeVries, CEO of Inter-lux. “Douglas has made Whitegoods into a distinct language of lighting tools to be used when the light fixtures are used to articulate the architecture. No other brand is as well defined or loyal to its message.”

Inter-lux has had tremendous success in bringing high-quality, high design European manufacturers into the U.S. market with brands that include Whitegoods, Linea Light, Sattler, Filix, Vice, ALM, and are currently in the process of bringing Mike Stoane and Nimbus to market.

“North America quickly became Whitegoods’ largest market once Inter-lux became involved,” says Douglas James. “Mark and his team have the entire process down. From the UL certification process and re-interpreting and formatting of literature to the market approach via specification, distribution, and the best rep network in the business. They have shown a consistent appreciation and commitment to design since I have known them, so I’m pleased to be in a position to drive that to a new level across the business.”

Design Director is a new position within the organization and will cover all aspects of the company’s identity, marketing, and product development functions. “When you look at the brands we represent, design is core to all of them. We believe in great design, great products, and great service, and that’s exactly what we represent to our customers. Douglas is now a key component of our continually improving capability to deliver just that,” DeVries concludes.

Douglas James founded Mindseye in 1997, a lighting consultancy based in London and designed projects worldwide for such architectural firms as John Pawson, Fosters & Partners and Carbondale, as well as developing lighting environments for such brands as Dolce Gabbana, BMW, and Whitecube Gallery. In 2001, Douglas founded the manufacturing brand of Whitegoods in order to address the need for minimalist, integrated lighting products that are easy to specify, install, and maintain.

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