In Memoriam: Mark Kaffee

Lighting industry veteran Mark Kaffee passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, November 6 at his home in Florida. Mark retired from the industry in 2015. He had served nearly 10 years at AFX as National Sales Manager/Residential Division. Previously, he held sales management positions at Kalco and Hunter Lighting Group as well as Rubbermaid and Philips Home Products.

Notes Tim Tevyaw, President of AFX,Inc., “Mark had the gift of making instant connections with people…and any relationships that started out as professional always turned personal! It was amazing to witness. He was such a special person, it’s impossible to put it in words. He kept such a positive attitude when dealing with any obstacle he faced. He was truly one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met, and I remember fondly every Dallas Market, and every business trip we’ve taken together. He always made it a priority to visit the best hot dog joint wherever we were. He introduced me to the Varsity, and when coming to our office we frequently planned a trip to The Brat Stop. I also had the pleasure of sharing in another one of his passions — seeing Little Foot with him in Milwaukee, one of his all-time favorite bands!”

Lizzette Winters, AFX’s Eastern Regional Sales Manager, adds, “Mark was genuine and sincere, gentle. His love of animals, hot dogs, family (especially Meredith), the Mets, and the lighting industry were apparent within moments of meeting him. When I was a rep, he was the type of manager I wanted to please, to impress, and to make proud. He was never harsh. I wanted to become a sales manager because of him, so it’s fitting that I am now a regional sales manager with AFX. I hope I made him proud.”

Agata Eisele, Sales Administrator of AFX, states, “I am in complete shock. Mark and I talked several times a month. We last talked on Oct 27th and he was doing so good and sounded happy! I am speechless. I am sad to know he will never call me again. He was my mentor and an incredible friend for 15 years. Bill Solomon jokingly called him my ‘second husband.’ Mark’s advice was priceless to me, and I am so honored to know him. He was my cheerleader and always stated how proud he was of my accomplishments. I will miss him dearly.”

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