Nora Lighting Announces Six New Hires

Nora Lighting has announced the appointment of six new staff members as part of a major corporate expansion in the company’s engineering, production, and customer service departments.

“We are delighted to announce the hiring of new Nora personnel to support the company’s continuing growth,” said Jilla Farzan, Nora Lighting Executive Vice President.

New staffers and their departments include: Michael Chiu, inventory; Sandra Ibarra, Assistance Manager, customer service; Kenny Le, Customer Service Representative; Brandon Nguyen, Electrical Engineer; Jose Reyes, Production Supervisor; and Canan Williams, Product Engineer. Nguyen was recently promoted from intern to full-time staff.

“Nora has made significant gains in the commercial, institutional and residential markets for LED products,” said Farzan. “In light of that, we have enhanced our LED product research and development efforts, while also maintaining a strong customer service team to serve our growing roster of Nora reps and clients nationwide.”