Keidel Supply – a plumbing, cabinetry, lighting distributor – opened a new 15,000-sq.-ft. showroom in Paddock Hills, Cincinnati, OH

enLIGHTenment Home Lighting reports on 5,000-sq.-ft. showroom in Paddock Hills, Cincinnati, OH“It’s no secret that the Cincinnati building products industry has been very turbulent the past few years,” says Keidel CEO Mike Barton. “During these times of uncertainty, Keidel has seized the opportunity to upgrade facilities, increase employment, and expand product offering through the acquisition of Mason-based Central Light. In addition to our new lighting department, all positions from our Kenwood and Norwood branches have relocated to the new facility.”

KEIDEL SUPPLY DEBUTS SHOWROOM WITH NEW FOCUS ON LIGHTING-2This showroom is a dramatic change from Keidel’s well-known Norwood and Kenwood locations. One major contributor to this change is the new, fully integrated lighting department. Following the purchase of Central Light, Keidel introduced a new product category into its line-up. The lighting department, led by former Central Light owner John Bruening, has generated more business than projected and pushed Keidel to the top of Cincinnati’s luxury lighting market.

With a century of expertise under its belt, Keidel will offer the same quality service it has for years with the added convenience of a single location.  The counter sales/will-call area attached to the Paddock Hills showroom also provides plumbers and contractors with the benefit of a centrally located distribution point.

enLIGHTenment Home Lighting reports Keidel Supply Debuts Showroom With New Focus on Lighting

The new Keidel showroom  includes several innovative features including: interactive kitchen and bathroom displays, functional faucets, illuminated light fixtures, iPad-activated showerheads, digitally-controlled shower environments, and a bathroom suite dedicated to aging-in-place needs.