New Ways to Display Ceiling Fans

Denis Caldora shares some of the merchandising tips he employs while making fan departments.

 Ceiling Fan Display

Hang Ceiling Fans at Different Heights
When you hang all of your ceiling fans at the same level, it’s virtually impossible for consumers to isolate the various styles separately. Bringing a decorative fan down to a level where customers can examine the details up close can make a huge difference.

Show Lifestyle Photos That Go With the Fans
Go through some furniture catalogs or stock photography and find room settings – kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, porches – that complement the type of finishes or style of fans that you are showing grouped together.

If you can, put some real furniture just below that section to reinforce that visual message. For instance, in Emerson’s Dallas showroom, we put black leather seats, occasional tables, and contemporary wall art near a small selection of fans that address that look. In the background, we hung an oversized photo of a kitchen with dark cabinets that also coordinated with the style.

Get Creative With Your Vignettes
In addition to blowing up an oversized graphic of a lifestyle setting, why not take samples of upholstery fabric, frame them, and hang them as wall art near a group of ceiling fans that would complement that style. You can do the same with pieces of hardwood flooring. This real-life examples give the customer a frame of reference for a style that would be appropriate for their home.

Show Options Efficiently
Instead of putting up each model of a series in every finish and option it comes in, be more selective about your presentation. Bethany Pirtle of Emerson developed a creative method for the company to show its breadth of blade styles, materials, and housing finishes without crowding the ceiling.  With a little ingenuity, you can show a lot of choices without taking up much space.

Break Out the Accessories
The more you can make a product section, such as ceiling fans, look like something customers would have in their homes, the better your sales will be.

Bringing in accessories such as chairs, rugs, pillows, consoles, and tables, instantly makes the setting look familiar and comfortable.

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