The Southern Lights is built from 100% reclaimed teak wood.

No matter which show you attend this year,
the big news is environmentally friendly products
and natural materials.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council warns that while many companies in all sorts of industries use terms such as “green,” “eco-friendly,” “environmentally safe,” and “sustainable” when advertising their products, none of those terms have any consensual definitions at present.

That ambiguity – coupled with a growing need and demand for such products – has made the work of the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) vital in developing solid standards and certification processes within the home furnishings industry. The organization urges consumers and retailers to look to the SFC for clarification and resources.

Yet there are many manufacturers in the lighting and home décor industry that can unequivocally prove that they are using eco-conscious methods – and many are exhibitors at the Dallas, High Point, and Las Vegas markets.


Here is an assortment of some of what we’ve found so far this year.

Fascination Series from Varaluz
Fascination Series from Varaluz


Part of the popular Fascination series from Varaluz, this fixture features recycled glass, a low-VOC finish, and hand-forged steel with 70% or greater recycled content. Most of Varaluz’s fixtures use steel that has 70% or greater recycled content and glass that is 100% recycled. In particular, the “eco-luz” designation on certain products makes it clear that the item is made with recycled or reclaimed materials. You can find Varaluz’s products in their Dallas Market Center showroom or online at Varaluz.
The Southern Lights is built from 100% reclaimed teak wood.
The Southern Lights lamp from GroovyStuff


The secret to GroovyStuff’s unique product line lies in the founders’ ability to transform antique farm implements they found overseas – yokes, plows, sugarcane grinders, and wagons – into repurposed teakwood furniture. You can find GroovyStuff at the Las Vegas Market and High Point Market or online at: GroovyStuff’
Palecek's Penshell Block lamp
Palecek’s Penshell Block Lamp


Palecek’s Penshell Block lamp boasts a natural penshell base, a rectangle raffia shade, and a square cocobark finial.?? 

More than 35 years ago Palecek began designing distinctive rattan and wicker items with one goal in mind: to create unique pieces of art from natural fibers. The company has developed a network of master artisans whose work is comprised of quickly renewable materials such as fast-growing hardwoods, seagrass, rattan weaves, and natural shell. You can find the Palecek line at the High Point Market, the Las Vegas Market, and AmericasMart in Atlanta or find them online at Palecek.

Crescent Moon writing desk from Earth's Friend Furniture
Crescent Moon writing desk from Earth’s Friend Furniture


This handsome Crescent Moon writing desk from Earth’s Friend Furniture is engineered in sustainable solid bamboo. It has a glass top, an amber stain, and stainless steel stretchers.?? 

Earth’s Friend Furniture was founded one year ago and inspired by the elegance of nature. The furniture is constructed out of maturated Moso bamboo harvested from a managed plantation in southeast China, lead-free glass, low VOC finishes, powdered-coated stainless steel, and 100% hemp upholstery fabrics. Earth’s Friend Furniture is online at: Earths Friend Furniture.

The Chamcha Wood Décor mirrors from The Phillips Collection
The Chamcha Wood Décor mirrors from The Phillips Collection


The Chamcha Wood Décor mirrors from The Phillips Collection can be used in the background of a nature-inspired vignette.?? 

The Phillips Collection has a reputation for innovative new concepts using new and natural materials. For nearly 30 years, Mark and Julie Phillips have combed Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim to offer unusual treasures often involving nature or reclaimed objects. You can discover the company’s line at the High Point Market and the Las Vegas Market or by visiting: Phillips Collection.

Deanna Wish Designs' lighting fixtures and lamps
Deanna Wish Designs’ lighting fixtures and lamps


In addition to a natural look and finish, Deanna Wish Designs’ lighting fixtures and lamps can be matched to any Benjamin-Moore paint color.?? 

The UL-listed twig chandeliers, twig sconces, twig table and floor lamps, and branch chandeliers at Deanna Wish Designs are handcrafted from natural hickory branches and real twigs. No metal or imitation is used for the branching. You can view designer Deanna Wish’s handiwork in her showroom at the High Point Market or by visiting: Deanna Wish Designs.

The Bulging Bench from Robin Wood Furniture
The Bulging Bench from Robin Wade Furniture


The Bulging Bench from Robin Wade Furniture measures 6 ½ feet long and retains its natural beauty with the help of a joint that brings together the walnut plank where the drying process caused separation.?? 

At Robin Wade Furniture, the entire production process is an extensive effort to promote ecological balance and organic sustainability. The company uses wood harvested from southern hardwood forests primarily within a 60-mile radius from its Alabama studio. Select urban logs or felled trees – even those from passing tornadoes – find new life as home furnishings with this company. Robin Wade Furniture is looking to partner with a lighting firm that has the same philosophy. You can see more of Robin Wade Furniture’s line at High Point Market or online at: Robin Wade Furniture.

The Arial bamboo and steel console table from Maria Yee
The Arial bamboo and steel console table from Maria Yee


The Arial bamboo and steel console table from Maria Yee measures 62″ long x 30″ high and features 100% Moso bamboo, which is harvested in a 5-year cycle and considered to be a rapidly renewable resource. Water-based polyurethane covers the steel.?? 

Born in Guangzhou, China, Maria Yee apprenticed as a machinist and became a mechanical engineer. Now she has turned her experience in joinery techniques to craft home furnishings that are fastened without screws or nails. She uses natural materials such as bamboo, hardwood, and leather. Yee’s patented BambooTimbre – a solid board made from rapidly renewable bamboo – allows her to take advantage of the unique fibers and evenly spaced nodes of the bamboo culms. Due to BambooTimbre’s innate physical qualities and her innovative joinery system, ordinary hazards such as warping, cracking, splitting, shrinking, and rattling associated with traditional cut-and-dried bamboo culms are eliminated. Tung tree oil is used as an all-natural wood sealer. You can find Maria Yee’s product line at the High Point Market or online at: Maria Yee.

Dekayu's Zia stool/side table
Dekayu’s Zia stool/side table

Dekayu’s Zia stool/side table is made from solid reclaimed teak wood.

Dekayu designs and creates its own reclaimed slab and recycled case goods. The solid woods in its furniture and accent pieces are either left in the raw state or contain low or no VOC water-based stains. Nontoxic glue is used in the recyling process. In addition, the company has a green upholstery line. You can view the line either at the High Point Market (where the company made its debut this spring) or by visiting: Dekayu.


Merchandising Tip:

When displaying eco-friendly lighting, why not create an environment that underscores the theme. Incorporate other home furnishings (i.e. chairs and tables) featuring natural materials or a divider screen made of twigs or a throw rug made of jute, hemp, or other natural fibers.

To see an interactive slideshow of the images in the Eco-Everything article go to page two.



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