Hot Residential Lighting Trending Right Now

Hot Residential Lighting Trending Right Now

Nature themes and bright colors are attracting consumers nationwide. The New York International Gift Fair® offered plenty of both.

Ameico Trapeze Task Light Dunes and Duchess Blue Two-Arm Sconce
Ameico Trapeze Task Light: Ameico celebrates the creative energy of designers with a carefully edited collection of contemporary lighting. Designer Peter Stathis of Light&Contrast brings fun to his ultrathin flat panel Trapeze task light with colorful finishes of blue and orange as well as charcoal and white. Dunes and Duchess: Unadulterated color is what put Dunes and Duchess on the home furnishings map. Bold tones give people an opportunity to add color to their interiors in a totally different way, injecting color into a room via lighting instead of fabric or rugs. Made in the USA.


Eangee Home Design Vine Table Series PABLO Clamp Lamp
Eangee Home Design Vine Table Series: Known for its unusual lighting using fossilized leaves, Eangee has adapted its natural sensibilities to accent furniture – this table series is made with a type of vine that grows at a very rapid rate and is easily harvested. PABLO Clamp Lamp: Designed by Dana Cannam, the simplicity of the Clamp Lamp rests as much in its natural elements as its technology. The LED task lamp has only three main pieces: a compression clamp system permits attachment to various table thicknesses, while a recently introduced FS option makes the lamp freestanding.


Emissary Home and Garden Table Lamps Emporium Home Eclipse Agate Chandelier
Emissary Home & Garden Table Lamps: This company, known for colorfully glazed ceramics for outdoor spaces, is transitioning to bring a mix of elements to the interiors. The new series is available in four pendants and table lamps, as well as baskets that serve as decorative accessories and functional storage Emporium Home Eclipse Agate Chandelier: Natural elements that can be softened into gracious home accessories are a source of inspiration at Emporium Home. The Eclipse Agate chandelier incorporates beautiful stone in interior environments – combining artful edginess and organic form into a chic and alluring balance.


Flos Piani Task Light Eangee Home Design Wave Floor Lamp
Flos Piani Task Light: One of 12 portables showcased at the NYIGF; designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. Available in red, green, white, or black. Eangee Home Design Wave Floor Lamp:The Wave floor lamp is composed of fossilized cocoa leaves that are dried and then stained using organic dyes. The leaves are cut to shape like a mosaic and placed on the lamp backing. The 72″-high lamp is available in colors as well as natural variations.


Vivify Lighting Handblown Glass Lamps  
Vivify Lighting Handblown Glass Lamps: These lamps are handblown and made in the USA. Each can be customized by color, shade, and hardware finish. Glass colors include Violet, Teal, Capri, Charcoal, Merlot, Kiwi, and clear.  

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