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Michael Mendoza 2013 Fashion Trends



2013 Fashion Trends

By Michael Mendoza


Design inspiration comes from everywhere. Therefore, designers must be sensitive to environment, forms, textures, finishes, and materials that give us inspiration to create new products. For me, inspiration especially comes from the areas that influence furniture and lighting design the most.

In my previous article in the June 2012 edition of enLIGHTenment Magazine, I focused on fashion design as influenced by New York Fashion Week for spring 2012. I mentioned how what is seen on the catwalks can contribute to the creation of new textures, finishes, colors, and styles in the world of lighting and furniture.

Looking ahead to spring 2014, my inspiration is coming from the same place, as New York Fashion Week is one of the most widely recognized harbingers of design influence in the world. Take note of these trends when planning your market purchases or merchandising your showroom.


The color swatches for Spring 2014 from New York Fashion Week demonstrate that pastels and earthy colors are the main influential colors.

Color Swatches: Fashion Trends



TREND # 1:  Black & White

2013 Fashion Trends


White, black or a combination of the two are universal colors. Black and white have always been popular, safe colors. You can use them anywhere – apparel fashion, interiors, lighting, and home accessories. In ancient cultures, black and white colors were used on ceramics, kitchen accessories, and even as wall colors. White, black, and white/black combinations are becoming a standard color element for furniture and can be used for ceramic and painted metal lamps as well as chandeliers.


Trend #2:  Gold



Gold finishes, gold paired with black or dark colors, and gold with stamped accents are elements to be used on lighting and furniture.  I think gold is trending because gold symbolizes “wealth.”  After the recent difficult years we have been through, people want to feel secure and they want to feel that the economy is improving (which it is). Gold represents security.

In ancient cultures, people who wore gold were kings, priests, or any individual with power. For instance, in the Inca culture, the king wore clothing made of cotton which was covered with small pieces of gold. In addition, his earrings, necklaces, and bracelets were made of gold. As the son of the Sun god, he needed to shine just like his father.

When it comes to translating this hue to home furnishings, I see gold plus gold with stamped accents on lamps and chandeliers. Meanwhile, gold with dark colors and gold with stamped accents can be applied to furniture.


Trend #4:  Pastels

Pastel colors  with dark accents are perfect combinations for ceramic lamps


Pastel colors such as blue aqua, light green, and light blue with dark accents are perfect combinations for ceramic lamps and furniture. Some time ago, I read an article that mentioned that pastel and earthly colors brighten your soul and make it more positive.

Trend #5:  Color Combinations

 2013 Fashion Trends: Color Combinations


Combinations of dark blue, whites, reds, and other light colors can be used for lamps, chandeliers, and furniture. While combining colors is part of décor, you have to be careful and know which to combine. You have to visualize the combination before even doing it. For example, in a white ceramic lamp with a motif of flowers, you can bring in reds, blues, and other colors.


ABOUT MICHAEL MENDOZA: Born in Peru and educated in New York City, Michael Mendoza is an industrial designer located in Miami. He has designed lighting as well as home furnishings for showrooms as well as chain stores such as Pottery Barn, Lowes, and Bed Bath & Beyond. For more information, visit  www.michaelmendozadesigns.com

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