Custom OLED lighting fixtures add modern distinction to an Upper East Side dental practice in New York City.

A custom OLED chandelier featuring a wave pattern illuminates the staircase entrance to the Park Avenue dental office.

When interior designer Don Kossar was designing the plush dental office of respected periodontist Dr. Pasquale Malpeso on Park Avenue, he envisioned OLED fixtures encircling the reception desk and arching down the entry staircase. While OLEDs are not yet widely used in most projects, Kossar – who is principal of his eponymous design firm as well as an instructor at The New York School of Interior Design – knew exactly where to go to bring his idea to fruition.

Kossar selected Yorkville, N.Y.-based domestic manufacturer 2nd Ave Lighting to manufacture the custom lighting fixtures. He selected OLEDs for the light source because he felt it was the only type of lighting that could achieve his design vision as they produce no heat, no lamps/bulbs have to be changed out, and they are thin and small enough to accomplish his plan.

Max Cohen, Marketing Director/Hospitality Lighting for 2nd Ave Lighting, carefully reviewed Kossar’s design to evaluate the intricacy involved in the manufacturing process. Fortunately, Cohen felt confident that his factory and artisans could take on the task of designing the lighting system from scratch.

“2nd Ave Lighting was the only firm willing to take on the project, and did a fantastic job,” Kossar explains. “Using sustainable lighting was a major consideration. The idea of not having to store lamps [bulbs] and change them constantly was absolutely necessary. Lamps take up valuable space and finding people to change them is costly. OLEDs fit the bill perfectly. The thought of having lights that will not have to be revamped for 20 years was a great selling point.”

The fully dimmable chandeliers feature an array of OLED panels displayed at varying heights and braced by metal hardware connected to the ceiling. The 113″-long fixture above the reception area is shaped in a semi-circle and is comprised of 188 unique and integral OLED ultra-thin panels. Illuminating the stairway is an 80-inch OLED fixture featuring 100 panels in a wave pattern. Both energy-efficient fixtures provide glare-free illumination in 4000K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) in the mid-90s. An Alloy Wheel Clear Coat finish enhances the hardware.

“The OLED fixtures make a dramatic design statement while providing beautiful light above the reception desk and the entry staircase,” Kossar states. “The luminaires actually become lighting sculptures on the ceiling of the space. People are awed by the fixtures — they have never seen anything like it and ask where the bulbs are. In addition to compliments from patients and visitors, the employees love the light and the design.”

Kossar was especially appreciative of the design collaboration with 2nd Ave Lighting, which manufactured the fixtures on-site in its Upstate New York factory. “They had the courage to take on the new technology and design to make my design vision a reality,” Kossar states. “It was a pleasure working with the entire organization. They are an outstanding group of lighting design and engineering professionals. They did a great job.”