Contemporary Villas: An Interview With The Book’s Authors

The book, Contemporary Villas, showcases 40 houses that integrate modern style with nature.

David Contemporary Villas: Strahan, AIA, Katharine K. McMillan, Ph.D., and Patricia Hart McMillan

Rather than bringing the outside indoors using windows, these residences illustrate how architects incorporate the inside and outside with window walls that break down those barriers and the inventive use of site planning. Patricia McMillan explains how it’s done.

Q: What is a “contemporary villa?”

A: Whether literally located in the country or designed to create a refreshing illusion of that environment, to me contemporary villas offer simple clean lines and no unnecessary embellishments. They have open floor plans free of confining walls that assume a certain fluidity. There is a new awareness of space; not as box-like rooms, but as the whole house or – more often than not – as house, garden, and beyond. Continue Reading

One thought on “Contemporary Villas: An Interview With The Book’s Authors

  1. Co-author of “Contemporary Villas” – Patricia McMillan sees the details that make the big picture come into focus…and how beautifully she describes the development of that process.

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