Robert Singer & Associates: Honorable Mention 36th SOURCE Awards

Robert Singer & Associates

The cohesive design of two homes on adjoining lots in Aspen netted Robert Singer & Associates an Honorable Mention in Cooper Lighting’s 36th Annual SOURCE Awards. 

 Cooper Lighting 36th Annual SOURCE Awards

The year-round beauty of Colorado’s mountains are a stunning backdrop for this unusual family compound comprised of two contemporary single-family residences on adjoining lots. Developed concurrently, the homeowner wanted the option of living in either home, or selling one or both. The design challenge that Robert Singer & Associates faced was to make each residence distinctive while keeping the project cohesive. 

Lighting plays a starring role in providing flexibility when creating a variety of moods to suit the time of day as well as time of year. For example, elements of the contemporary architecture are highlighted using numerous levels and types of illumination. Ceiling planes and stone surfaces are accented in both homes, along with custom details that showcase the curved walls, unique staircases, and wall-to-ceiling transitions. 


Surface-Mount LED Fixture

[/one_half] [one_half_last]Robert Singer & Associates Colorado Architects[/one_half_last][one_half]The large amount of structure needed to hold the exercise equipment above the Wine Room restricted the use of recessed housings. Surface-mount LED fixtures provided general illumination. Linear LED fixtures at the front of the millwork gives an even wash of light over the bottles.[/one_half] [one_half_last]This entry has a long curved stair wall illuminated from the ceiling with linear light. The RSA Combo fixtures with custom, adjustable yolks are located in a dropped cove to evenly illuminate artwork on both sides of the hallway. [/one_half_last]

Since at-home entertaining was a priority, it was imperative to have large gathering areas both indoors and out as well as high-end media centers. These areas had to be well-lit, with the lighting addressing the architecture, artwork, and comfort of the spaces. For example, the large exterior entertainment space contains two linear water elements that run along the back of each lot. A runnel cascades down a stairway separating the two residences while tying the water features together. A custom steel cap houses linear LEDs that graze the perimeter stone walls of the compound.

The adjustability of Cooper’s IRiS P3MR-E3 series of downlights enabled the lighting to be consistent throughout. By simply changing out trims for sloped or flat ceiling conditions, as well as for accent or general illumination, the designers were able to achieve great results with one product line. Custom RSA Combo fixtures were used for multiple lamp applications, highlighting the extensive collection of artwork in the lower gallery. Lumière fixtures highlight the landscaping and stone columns on the compound’s exterior, creating a dynamic outdoor space and tying the residences together when viewed at night. 

Residential Outdoor Lighting SOURCE Awards: Cooper Lighting
The large exterior entertainment space contains two linear water elements that run along the back of each lot.  


For each home’s respective Exercise Room/Spa, color-corrected fluorescent fixtures were installed along the walls and ceiling to accent the steel tiles while IRiS fixtures offer direct lighting on the soaking tub, shower, and water closet. Color-changing LEDs add visual interest to the water feature niche. 

When it came to illuminating areas such as the interior entryways, staircases, architectural details, and art objects, unobtrusive lighting was key. The design team selected low-profile fixtures that would subtly bring attention to the areas being highlighted. Employing black Alzak reflectors minimize glare and do not interfere with the soft glow emitted by the linear lighting around the ceiling perimeters. To enhance the texture of the stone columns, the design team installed uplights.

Inside and out, areas of interest are highlighted by discreetly placed lighting fixtures. In rooms with high ceilings, decorative fixtures and lamps were brought in to bring the scale to a more cozy and approachable level. The design firm used a mix of fluorescent and LED lamping for the project, weighing out each light source’s benefits to the application at hand. The resulting design received Honorable Mention in the Professional Residential category of Cooper Lighting’s 36th annual SOURCE Awards. 

Project At-a-Glance

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Lighting Designers: Robert Singer and Associates, Basalt, Colo., Robert Singer, IES, IALD, Kim Quint, LEED AP, Senior LD and Jason Diaz, Senior LD

Cooper Lighting Products Used: IRiS, RSA, and Lumière

Photography:  Steve Mundinger Photography

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