SOURCE Award Winner: Top of Mill home, Aspen, Colorado

The interior of this Aspen, Colorado home rivals the stunning vista outside.

SOURCE Award Winner: Top of Mill home, Aspen, Colorado

 At a time when building on spec might seem risky, this 10,430-sq.-ft. residence on an Aspen Mountain slope is a pretty safe bet for enticing the luxury market. It also garnered attention from the judges of Cooper Lighting’s 35th annual SOURCE Awards, who selected this project as an Honorable Mention in the Professional Residential category. Entries are judged on the blend of aesthetics, creative achievement, technical performance, and the degree in which the lighting met the project constraints and design concept goals.

Designed by Robert Singer, principal and owner of Robert Singer & Associates in Basalt, Colo., and lighting designer Kim Quint, the Top of Mill home in Aspen was deliberately outfitted with finishes and details that would convey a contemporary retreat to attract a wide range of buyers.

Square downlights (RSA Accurus ACT-1885PM) throughout complement and mimic the architectural elements while linear lighting mounted in custom details accentuate the sloped ceilings and highlight the materials. Decorative lighting fixtures are placed strategically and discretely to help guide the eye into the space without limiting the breathtaking views. Layers of light that have a warm, incandescent quality were selected to promote a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

In this residence, lighting is the hidden partner employed to make certain aspects of these interiors really pop. For example, an illuminated reverse cove creates an intimate area, while uplights placed along a casual seating section’s stone wall subtly highlight the natural material’s texture. In a lower sitting room, linear uplights put the visual focus on the plaster walls, while uplights in the exterior lightwells draw the eye out and make the room appear larger than it is.

Throughout the home, artwork is carefully illuminated and reading areas are delineated by aiming narrow-beam spots from the ceiling instead of floor lamps that could visually clutter the space.

Highly trafficked areas in the home – the open stairway, hallways, etc. – boast even illumination that keeps safety in mind without interfering with the aesthetics.

To extend the warm feeling of the home outdoors, large windows at the entry and upper level create a welcoming, lantern effect as one approaches the home. The foyer receives visual pop from a chandelier of suspended spheres that appear to float in the air. RSA Accurus ACT-1885PM downlights provide ample path lighting for navigating the central staircase. Track lighting mounted to the stair stringers illuminates the lower stairs.

The patio is essentially an additional living space, and as such, needed to be a comfortable area where the residents and guests could easily relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere of slope-side living. The barbeque section and perimeter walls were emphasized to help to define this popular gathering spot.

One of the most appreciated attributes of the residence can’t be seen at all. It’s the integrated control system throughout the home designed to be easy to use and intuitive to prospective owners and visitors alike.


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