Dallas Market Center Debuts New Lifestyle Campaign

Dallas Market Center has unveiled a new advertising campaign that communicates the Dallas Market Center brand and its position as a leading lifestyle marketplace, supported by the new tagline: Inspiration Starts Here. The ad campaign is launching across trade publications and websites, owned media, and other corporate channels. An exclusive behind-the-scenes video preview is available now via http://blog.dallasmarketcenter.com/dallas-market-center-the-lifestyle-marketplace.

“Dallas Market Center recently launched a new brand identity to better communicate our positioning and strength as a lifestyle marketplace that sits at the intersection of many categories, including Apparel and Accessories, Western, Home, Gift, Holiday & Floral, Lighting and Design,” says DMC President & CEO Cindy Morris. “We needed an ad campaign that would reinforce our message and continue to build on our core brand. This campaign and the new tagline are the next phase in a larger brand strategy for Dallas Market Center.”

The aspirational ads are a departure from the typical print campaigns, offering a cross-channel message that captures the extensive array of what Dallas Market Center has to offer as a premier lifestyle marketplace.

“It was important to position Dallas Market Center in a way that would best reflect and communicate our brand as a lifestyle marketplace with a strong daily design business,” says Penni Barton, EVP/ Marketing. “We also wanted the campaign to resonate with our exhibitors and buyers across each of our industries, and to signal our points of difference and leadership in a creative way. The result is a campaign that is truly different, has longevity, and can be executed across all our communication channels.”

The campaign showcases an array of products from fashion to gift to home to holiday, with each one distinguished by a trend-forward single color. “We wanted to represent the industries we support in a contemporary and fun way, using color as the story and creating strong visuals that are not only impactful, but memorable,” says Guillermo Tragant, DMC Creative Director. “We found inspiration in the wide range of products that you can find within our showrooms and the world of abundance that is the Dallas Market Center.”

The campaign offers a journey of discovery, with imagery that allows viewers to notice something new each time they see one of the ads. “This series of advertisements is not only artistic but strategic and incredibly inspiring,” says Tragant.

That aspect of the campaign also supports Dallas Market Center’s new tagline, Inspiration Starts Here. Adds Morris, “We’re in a unique position to deliver on this message. Our exhibitors, buyers, and designers are eager for inspiration — from information about trends, new products and innovation to business advice, success stories, and more. We provide that vision through our markets, design weeks, and daily design business. And as the first Total Home & Gift Market in both January and June, inspiration does literally start here.”

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