enLIGHTenment magazine shares Cliff Notes from the recent Dallas market.

Nuvo: LED-powered geometric ceiling fixtures that are super slim and evenly lit.

Turning heads at the Nuvo showroom are these sleek LED-powered geometric ceiling fixtures that are super slim and evenly lit.

It’s a mod, mod world out there! The International Lighting Market – running concurrently with the Dallas Total Home + Gift Market 2012 at the Dallas Market Center – was filled with Modern interpretations of nearly every décor style.   Even companies known for traditional looks dipped a toe in Contemporary waters injecting some modern freshness into classic designs.

Another noticeable trend was Bling. Sparkling crystals accented a lot of lighting fixtures and portables throughout the market, spanning all lighting categories. Crystals – from raw rock versions to varieties featuring machine-cut precision – appeared evident in nearly every showroom.  Employed as accents, crystals give unexpected visual oomph to any piece from sconces and shades to portables and fixtures.

enLightenment reports on LBL Lighting Bling fixtures

The new LBL showroom made a statement in “bling” with these fanciful pendants (crystal embellishments also make up the dress straps and mannequin’s bracelet).

Flexibility was offered by many lighting manufacturers at market. Fabric and finish options are just the tip of the iceberg. Customers have a greater variety of fixture sizes to choose from than ever before plus a choice in bulb options and – depending on the manufacturer – a lot of leeway in selecting patterns and colors.

Whether the phase-out of the 100-watt incandescent is making the world misty-eyed or a yearning for the good ole days, Nostalgia was big.  Those old-timey light bulbs were everywhere (although I learned you have to ask whether the nostalgia bulbs shown are shipped with the fixtures – quite a few are not).

Slim is in. Fixtures with clean lines and incredibly lean looks were very much in fashion. In many cases, there were new fixture designs that were so sleekly slender that they required special engineering to accomplish. Why the preoccupation with thinness?  These slim designs allow rooms to look bigger by taking up less room (visually as well as physically) and give any setting a contemporary edge.

enlightenment lighting reports on Lighting Trends in 2012 From The Dallas Market

In the Allegri showroom, these LED bath fixtures feature strands of crystal that the consumer can drape over the fixture as they like (an LED ceiling fixture with this same motif is also a stunner).

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