Light + Building in Frankfurt: Beauty in Technology

Light + Building in Frankfurt: Beauty in Technology

Light+Building in Frankfurt attracted 196,000 visitors in April.
Here is a sampling of some of the designs that debuted at the fair.

Arturo Alvarez Tina Floor Lamp: Light + Building in Frankfurt

Tobias Grau Money Pendant: Light + Building in Frankfurt

Arturo Alvarez Tina Floor Lamp: The Tina floor lamp by this Spanish manufacturer exudes sensual beauty. The strands can be trimmed to customize the visual volume. The company has distribution in the U.S. through Boutique Design Products in California. Tobias Grau Money Pendant: Powered by energy-saving LED, the Money pendant series includes table, floor, and suspended lamps that feature PC-glass shades (red is shown here) as well as Polished Aluminum frames.


Slamp Ginetta Prisma Chandelier: Light + Building in Frankfurt

Occhio Piu Modular Spotlights: Light + BUilding in Frankfurt

Slamp Ginetta Prisma Chandelier offers the look of a traditional chandelier, but the patented Lentiflex® material makes the arms appear to be fluid and fluctuating, extending to cover the bulbs. Occhio Più Modular Spotlights series boasts new ceiling- and wall-mounted versions as well as uplights and bidirectional suspended lamps. The fixtures are equipped with highperformance LEDs that deliver power ranging from 26 to 40 watts.


Light + BUilding in Frankfurt: Axo Light Muse Series

Ingo Maurer Ozzy Osled Shelf Light: Light + BUilding in Frankfurt

Axo Light Muse Series: Design by Sandro Santantonio, the Muse series is comprised of a metal frame wrapped with elasticized fabric that is removable, washable, and interchangeable. The collection includes round wall lights, ceiling fixtures, plus a suspension version (shown), and can be ordered in 11 colors. Ingo Maurer Ozzy Osled Shelf Light: Made of anodized aluminum in a Black finish, it provides 3000K warm-white LED using just five watts. The flexible metal arm allows variable adjustment of the lamp head. It has an integrated toggle switch and a plug-in transformer.


Benwirth Licht Murat Ceiling Luminaire: Light + BUilding in Frankfurt

Nimbus Group Squeeze Luminaire: Light + BUilding in Frankfurt

Benwirth Licht Murat Luminaire Ceiling Fixture: This German manufacturer’s decorative Murat luminaire ceiling fixture utilizes 10 T5 tubes that can be turned up to 12,000 lumens at 210 watts and have a lifespan of 18,000 hours. Nimbus Group Squeeze Luminaire is an LED-powered fixture can be ordered in a suspended version or a wall fixture and also in black or white. The illumination is the result of the company’s Softlight diffuser equipped with 36 LEDs.

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