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Controls are getting “smarter” than ever. 


The OmniTouch 7 touchscreen is the company’s latest capacitive touch, glass-front touchscreen featuring a 7”-high resolution screen for controlling security, energy, and entertainment settings in a residential installation.

Featuring large, recognizable icons, the new touchscreen allows users to arm or disarm their Leviton security system, alert emergency personnel, lock or unlock doors, and view crisp IP or analog surveillance video footage. 

Home Automation: Leviton

In addition, the device features slider bars that adjust individual lighting levels from 0 to 100 percent; controls up to 64 thermostats to manage humidity settings and auxiliary systems such as irrigation and ventilation; plus monitors or adjusts window coverings. The OmniTouch 7 also acts as an interface to Leviton’s Hi-Fi 2 Distributed Audio System or a compatible system from a connectivity partner.

Developed using the company’s new user interface engine and high processing power, the device allows homeowners to customize and incorporate other connected devices – such as additional lights, thermostats, or cameras – with a swipe on the screen. Two digital MEMS microphones along with a built-in amplifier and speaker improve noise and echo cancellation. The light sensor allows automatic dimming of the display backlight on the glass-front screen.

“The user-friendly OmniTouch 7 allows for simple set-up and intuitive customization for integrators,” says Jay McLellan, president of Leviton Security & Automation. “The new always-there, always-on touchscreen is plug-and-play, but affords users a variety of options, including showing only necessary icons, the ability to name the building and rooms, separate devices by area, and quickly adjust settings like brightness and volume levels.”




The company has extended its LMH2 LED Module platform with sunset dimming technology, dimming smoothly from 2700K to 1800K for rich, warm light while maintaining high CRI in hospitality, restaurant, and residential settings. It is compatible with TRIAC dimmers and integrates easily into the ecosystem to deliver an incandescent-like dimming experience while using 80 percent less energy. With one integrated light source, lighting manufacturers can now address a wide range of lighting applications, extending their product offerings with added investment protection.

Home Automation: Cree Lighting




The company has introduced a wireless system for the home under its adorne™ brand. It includes: a whole-house lighting system, video intercom system, and a wi-fi music system. 

“These thoughtful solutions are simple to install and use, and allow tremendous control over the home environment — whether it is streaming a playlist from your mobile phone or setting up lighting options that fit your lifestyle,” says Mario Gonzalez, vp/marketing for the adorne Collection. 


• The adorne Whole-House Lighting System controls the lights with a handheld remote or mobile device from any room in the house — and even when the user is away from home. Homeowners can create custom settings that will automatically dim lights or turn pre-selected lights on and off at the touch of a button. The system is compatible with the adorne sofTap Switch, sofTap Dimmer, Touch Switch, and Touch Dimmer. 


• The adorne Video Intercom System allows the homeowner to see who is at the front door from multiple locations within the home. The kit uses one exterior video doorbell and one interior intercom unit to receive camera images. Up to three interior units can be added and connected wirelessly to existing units, serving as a true intercom system.  

Legrand - Intercome: Home Automation


• The adorne Wi-Fi Music System connects to any wireless home network, allowing homeowners to put speakers anywhere in the house and control them with a mobile device. Users can add up to three sets of speakers on one network.

Legrand - 2Wi-Fi Music System




The company has introduced three new features for its RadioRA 2 wireless total home control system.

The RF SoftSwitch® Module switches large loads, such as landscape lighting, pumps, and gates, without any wear on the relay and without the need for multiple devices. It can switch an entire branch circuit of lighting, up to 16A, from Pico® wireless remotes, system keypads, and smartphones and has a $149 suggested list price. 

The Daylight Control Package allows a RadioRA 2 system to respond to ambient light levels based on the controller (sensor) settings, allowing homeowners to enjoy the energy-saving benefits of daylight. It has a $900 suggested list price and includes a power pack, daylight sensor, and LC8 controller.

The Wallbox Power Module is a wireless, multi-zone dimmer/switch that allows six zones to be installed into a four-gang box, saving time/money and reducing wall clutter. It has a $840 suggested list price. 


“These new products greatly enhance the flexibility of a RadioRA 2 system,” says Rich Black, director/residential product management & business development. “Saving time, energy, and money is critical for system installers and are key selling features for their clients.” 


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