Growing Up Van Teal

The HIstory of the Van Teal Lighting Family

Hivo’s children share their memories and best advice they’ve received while working in the family business. 

 Van Teal Lighting Factory

“My father always told me that with my personal characteristics, I could – if I set my mind to it – do anything I chose,” reveals Eddy Van Teal. “This advice instilled in me a great sense of confidence, and despite the fact that sometimes I was a little nervous, I stepped out and did what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.”

Eddy also adhered to his dad’s ethics. “My father lives his life guided by his faith every step of the way,” Eddy notes. “His strong belief in God has kept him strong through times of trouble and has always guided him through his personal and professional life. My father has always been there for all of us no matter what the situation has been – and has done so without passing judgment. He has always been the first to rejoice in our success and the last to condemn in our failures,” he adds. “My dad is truly one of the most incredible people I know, and I am thankful for the example he has shown to me, my siblings, and to everyone else.”

Van Teal Lighting

Hivo, Jr., shares that sentiment. “There are many pieces of advice that my father has given me, but he always emphasized ‘Working hard and smart is the only way to succeed’ and this is what I live by,” he states.

“Besides being a father, he has been a great leader at work and in our family. I appreciate what he knows through the experiences he has had and I value his ideas and suggestions.”

Grandson Eddy Jr. grew up in the family business and his childhood memories influenced his own career choice. “As a young boy, the majority of my Saturdays were spent at the factory with my father and grandparents,” Eddy Jr. recounts. “I never did mind going to work with my father; Van Teal was an enjoyment for me. I loved being around my grandparents and the employees at the factory which were like family members to me – some of them are still a big part of Van Teal.”

It wasn’t until high school that Eddy Jr. began exploring his role in the company.  “During the summers, I began to seriously involve myself in the family business,” he comments. “I began working in the shop, helping out in any department necessary and worked in the factory until I was 20 years old. By that time, I had a good understanding of what it took to create a piece of lighting. Today I work in sales, handling several hospitality projects and residential accounts. I am very fortunate and happy to work with my family and look forward to a bright future of success and dedication to Van Teal.”

Eddy’s son, Erik, has also become a valuable member of the company. “I joined the family business to learn and grow the business with the people I love most, and it also allows me to spend more time with them,” he says. “My father and my grandfather lead by example, doing whatever it takes to excel and leading in such a way that others willingly follow. They have a vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like, and how to achieve it. They are willing to spend whatever time or energy is necessary to accomplish the task at hand, and I admire that.”

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