Weiss & Biheller: Rock Solid

October marks revered crystal company Weiss & Biheller’s second appearance at the High Point Market.

enLightenment Lighting Magazine reports on Weiss & Biheller

Currently celebrating 96 years in business in the U.S., Weiss & Biheller’s roots harken back to England, where its original business was producing plate glass. “My grandfather, Aubrey Sanford, came to the U.S. as Weiss & Biheller’s rep. His territory was the entire country,” recalls Peter Sanford, company owner. “In 1915 Aubrey bought the company and after WWII his two sons, Gordon and Bill, joined him in the business.”

Starting out, Aubrey and his sons each bought 25 pieces of three different crystal chandeliers from Schonbek, which was headquartered in Czechoslovakia at the time. “We still buy crystal chandeliers from Preciosa, whose factory is in the very same area.  We’ve been working with Preciosa since the late 1940s,” Sanford states. “It has been a successful partnership for both companies. We are currently considering ways to further streamline our relationship, design, production, and pricing.”

What put Weiss & Biheller on the map was the solid reputation it garnered for offering highly traditional chandeliers. However, times change – and, accordingly, Weiss & Biheller has been changing with the times.

“Over the last few years, the market has been demanding both transitional and contemporary crystal designs, which we have begun offering,” Sanford says.  “As designers and editors of fine chandeliers, we have the capacity to produce custom chandeliers for nearly every application and in any style,” he notes. “What makes us stand out is our ability to make one piece or an entire commercial or residential project at competitive prices.”

The company primarily sells through retail lighting showrooms, design centers, and boutiques. “We are looking to grow in those areas, as well as other sectors, as opportunities arise,” Sanford states.

To further expand awareness of the brand and its capabilities, Weiss & Biheller recently opened a permanent showroom in the Dallas Market Center as well as the 200 Steele building within the High Point Market complex.

“Last spring was our first High Point market,” Sandford says. “We were very wel- received by potential customers and the interior designers who came to see us. We believe our high quality and unique lighting fixtures are a good fit for the designer market. Rather than limit ourselves to a particular style, we are more interested in providing quality crystal, hand production, and interesting design.”

The company’s offices, corporate showroom, and warehouse are housed, appropriately enough, in a historic building in Yonkers, New York.


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