Ceiling Fan Manufacturers Join Forces

Zionsville, Ind.-based Fanimation has partnered with ceiling fan manufacturers nationwide and the American Lighting Association (ALA) to launch the second annual National Ceiling Fan Day on September 18 with the theme “Swap Your Existing Fan for a Newer, More Efficient Model.”

The purpose of National Ceiling Fan Day is to educate the public about the energy-saving benefits of ceiling fans – for example, technology has rapidly progressed over the past few years to include newer DC motor fans that consume up to 70-percent less energy than traditional AC motor ceiling fans.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends using ceiling fans to reduce or eliminate the need to use your AC because ceiling fans consume far less electricity. Many ceiling fans consume as little 30 watts of electricity, while AC systems can use upwards of 5,000 watts when used for the same amount of time.

Employees at lighting showrooms and fan stores are encouraged to point out to customers that not only is using a ceiling fan good for the environment, it’s also easy on the wallet. According to executives at Fanimation, operating a ceiling fan can cost as little as $1 per month versus approximately $100 per month to run an AC unit in a typical home. Therefore, it would be possible to save $99 in one month by relying solely on ceiling fans for a home’s temperature control.

Many of the nation’s leaders in energy conservation and efficiency are also supporters of National Ceiling Fan Day, including the EPA’s Energy Star Program, the Alliance to Save Energy, and Affordable Comfort, Inc.

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