2024 Integrated Home Competition Seeks Entries

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), the award-winning coalition of U.S. and Canadian energy-efficiency program administrators, is seeking entries for its prestigious 2024 Integrated Home Competition.

The Integrated Home Competition’s goal is to identify and elevate products that advance the CEE Integrated Home Vision, wherein systems such as lighting, water heating, and HVAC all seamlessly communicate and optimize value to customers and the grid. The Competition is seeking innovative entries that deliver energy savings and load management capabilities while ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction.

According to manufacturer estimates, such winning technology can save approximately 30% on an average home’s monthly utility bill in addition to increased comfort and convenience for its residents.

The Competition recognizes products in a variety of categories, including whole home energy management solutions, home appliances, plug load controls, window treatments, lighting and lighting controls, ceiling fans, and other connected home devices that deliver a positive consumer experience and support load management. The 2024 Competition cycle will feature small load products, with larger loads (e.g., HVAC and water heating) to be featured in 2025.

Notable winners from 2023 included innovative systems such as the Midea Packaged Window Heat Pump, the Harvest Thermal Harvest Pod, and American Lighting’s Spektrum+ Lighting system. All previous winners can be viewed here.

CEE Executive Director John Taylor said, “Over the past few years of this competition, it has been a thrill and an honor to see the development of new products that help homeowners enhance comfort, save money, and decarbonize their homes. We can’t wait to see what this year’s entries bring.”

The Integrated Home Competition is organized by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and is sponsored by a number of prominent utilities and trade associations, including the American Lighting Association. To learn more about entering the Competition, click here 

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