BrandJump Launches Client Portal to Enhance Manufacturers’ Visibility Online

Los Angeles-based ecommerce channel management company BrandJump has debuted a customizable, proprietary platform for the home furnishings category designed to significantly enhance a manufacturer’s visibility into their ecommerce business by centralizing relevant data, including key contact information, customer programs, and marketing activities.

“We created our client portal to provide insight for our clients into the day-to-day events that are driving their channel performance,” says BrandJump CEO Josh Walter. “We see this platform not only as a way to provide transparency to the work we’re doing on behalf of our clients, but also to engage them more systematically in the everyday execution of their ecommerce strategy.”

Through the portal, manufacturers will be able to see their all-channel event calendar, the degree of participation of their internet retail partners in each event, and up-to-date progress on any content and collateral created for each internet retailer. Conversely, they will also have enhanced visibility into their own participation of individual marketing campaigns driven by their internet retailer partners. “This greater awareness will allow BrandJump to better quantify the success of these activities which will translate into even more precise future planning,” Walter adds.

Key features of the portal include:

Complete view of their ecommerce marketing calendar displaying activities retailers are doing on behalf of the manufacturer, or events they are participating in.

A centralized hub for all customer programs, terms and conditions, and agreements with each retailer.

Responsibility breakdown of all those who manage the different aspects of each account – including merchandising, pricing, content and marketing.

Login credentials to the portal will become available early in the second quarter and will enable clients access to their individual accounts.

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