Classic Lamp Parts Relocates & Adds Staff

One year after three lighting industry veterans left American-De Rosa (now named Luminance) in 2011, Michael Jackson, Donna Domingo, and Armando Perales started up their own business with the goal of “becoming a great partner to the lighting industry, running the business in a way that reflects the needs of our customers,” Michael Jackson states. Some of the company’s policies include low pricing, no minimums, and easy returns. 

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Classic Lamp Parts started out small – their first warehouse was 600 square feet of space inside a third-party warehouse near San Diego – and shipped its first order (for $65) to the Marquis Collection of Beverly Hills.

“Over the next two years, we increased our space at the Third Party Logistics (3PL) company every six months, until recently when we reached the point where we were able to move into our own facility in Lakewood, Calif.,” explains Jackson, adding, “This time instead of doubling our space, we tripled it!”

In preparation of the new Classic Lamp Parts Lamp & Lighting Parts catalog coming out next month, the timing of the move couldn’t be better. “We are very excited to be in a facility that can handle the needs of our growing company,” Jackson says.

Space isn’t the only expansion Classic Lamp Parts has undergone; the firm has also added to its team. “For a new company, we have some of the most experienced lighting parts professionals in the industry, plus now we have customer service and warehouse personnel,” Jackson remarks.  The key executives include: Donna Domingo, who previously ran the OEM division at American-De Rosa (ADL) for 20+ years and handled all of the product management and sales for its manufacturer customers; Armando Perales, who formerly ran the marketing as well as the IT department at ADL; and Jackson, who held numerous sales and operations positions at ADL from sales rep to Regional Sales Manager to President.

Next month’s debut of the new catalog will double the company’s initial product offering.  “We really focused on adding new items that will make the customers’ job easier, such as glass holders and heavy fixture chain in multiple finishes, plus rayon-covered wire and cord sets with switches installed,” Jackson says.

“Now that we are settled in our new building in Lakewood, we are shipping  95% of our orders the same day they are received, our fill rate has improved dramatically, and we are in Will Call range of Metro Los Angeles,” Jackson notes. “Our goal is to be a good partner to our customers and to the industry. We have created a lot of fun, specialty products that allow smaller custom manufacturers and restoration specialists to do unique and original things for their customers. We love seeing people’s eyes light up when they realize that we have solved a problem they experience regularly, like putting a line switch on a rayon-covered cord set. That process is a nightmare, so we have it done at the factory. As a result, the cord set with the switch installed only costs as much as the two pieces would cost separately and might save the customer 45 minutes of bench time — not to mention the wasted parts if their first try does not work out. It’s a great value!”

Jackson is planning a West Coast Sales Promotion trip with his restored Classic 1972 Cuda (affectionately known as “Black Beauty”) within the next few months. Classic Lamp Parts’ new address is 3673 Industry Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712. The phone number is: (323) 282-7041. Email inquiries to CustomerService@Classic

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