Satco & KolourOne Open New Factory in China

enLIGHTenment News: Satco & KolourOne Brentwood, N.Y. -based SATCO Products, Inc. recently unveiled a new state-of-the-art LED manufacturing facility in Yangzhou, China for its KolourOne brand of LED products. SATCO’s joint venture partner, Wooree Lighting, completed the construction of the 900,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing complex in spring.  The new factory is designated specifically for the production of LED packages plus the manufacturing and assembly of KolourOne LED products such as replacement bulbs, light engines, and LED luminaires. Partnering with Wooree Lighting of Korea , the two companies created the KolourOne brand. SATCO and Wooree have worked together for 35 years and the latter’s vertically integrated manufacturing solutions are key to KolourOne’s product offering. Through this focused vertical integration, KolourOne can manage special requests such as color temperature, beam angle, wattage, voltage, and product design. “Together with our Korean partner Wooree Lighting, we have the manufacturing expertise and capacity to roll out customizable, as well as broad-based, LED solutions,” says Bill Gildin, president of SATCO Products.  “This new factory in Yangzhou, along with KolourOne’s sister factory in Korea, provides significant additional resources to further establish KolourOne as a globally recognized brand.”

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