Hermitage Lighting Gallery Makes A Splash With NKBA Award

Melissa Morgan Sutherland, CKD, of Nashville-based Hermitage Lighting’s Kitchen Design Gallery division, was touched when a husband-and-wife client came to her with a dilemma: they were tired of the master bath design they had lived with for 10 years that divided the space into his and hers sections.

“The clients were this sweet couple who wanted to be together more, but their bathroom had two distinct entrances plus closets in the center that separated them when using the space,” Sutherland explains.


Fortunately budget was not an issue and Sutherland was allowed full creative freedom to pursue a luxurious solution. The first thing she tackled was getting rid of the closets in the center, which opened up a huge amount of space for her to play with. By relocating the closet areas to the perimeter walls, her clients didn’t lose an inch of storage space and instead gained an incredible amount of room.

By removing the separate doorways to create one grand entrance with pocket doors, Sutherland had enough room to create a larger, more sumptuous area for the tub. She widened the existing tiny window above the tub to bring in even more natural light that heightens the feeling of a spa retreat during the bathing experience. There was even enough room to install a separate shower room, complete with a wet location-listed halogen downlight plus a generously proportioned window without sacrificing privacy.

Those changes were dramatic enough, but Sutherland had a few more design tricks up her sleeve. She created additional storage by lowering the shower height and creating an accessible, yet enclosed, niche area above it where the clients could store unused luggage that had been taking up space. (Story continues on page 2)

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