Developing a Personal Brand

Presenter Susan Fignar of Pur*sue Inc. – the featured speaker at the Women in Lighting event at the American Lighting Assn. Conference – shares some of her top tips for planning your next career step.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s important to create and cultivate a personal brand as a way to stand out. Whether you’re relatively new in your career or a seasoned vet, would like to be considered for a promotion or would like to position yourself for a new opportunity, examining your value, strengths, and expertise are key to getting there.

Susan Fignar, talent development trainer, consultant, executive coach and President of Pur*sue Inc., will present how to hone your executive presence and polish your personal brand to advance your career at the Women in Lighting reception.

Using the acronym OPEN, Fignar will offer a system that will help you do just that.

Optimistic Attitude: Develop a new mindset where you understand the importance of gratitude and appreciation as you grow in your career. “This is especially important for those seasoned professionals,” says Fignar. “It’s important to be open to learning new things, even late in your career.”

Plan: Figure out your professional development strategy. When it comes to Conference, this could mean deciding ahead of time which speakers you want to see and people you want to meet. For your career in general, this means thinking about where you want to go next — achieving a promotion, changing roles, moving to a new company — and writing down the steps you need to take to get there.

Energy and time management practices: This centers around identifying how you spend your time and figuring out what drains – and recharges – your energy. Do you need to delegate? Set clearer boundaries? Make more time for what you truly enjoy? “For women especially, I always ask, ‘Where are you on your to-do list?’” Fignar says. “Women are notorious for not being one of their own to-do’s.”

New: What’s new and what’s next in your relationships, and how can you build, strengthen, and deepen them? “At Conference, connect with people for a brief conversation, then follow up afterwards on LinkedIn or other social media,” Fignar recommends. Also, for seasoned professionals, how can you pass down your knowledge to the next generation?

Intrigued? Join Fignar from 5-6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 16, to hear more.

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