ETC Co-Founder Fred Foster Succumbs to Cancer

Middleton, Wisc.-based ETC co-founder and CEO Fred Foster has passed away at the age of 61. Foster is widely considered to be a visionary, an innovator, and a role model. The ETC culture of family, support, and encouragement is attributed to Foster and his vision of a creating a people-focused environment.

According to a company statement, “One of Foster’s greatest qualities was his ability to bring people together and rally them around a goal or a vision. Whether it was a new product technology, a trade show booth design, or an employee meeting space, he was always creating, always making, and always giving. His ideas were big, and his heart bigger.”

Foster is credited with countless industry contributions ranging from product innovations to student mentorship programs. He has also been recognized for his philanthropy from a number of organizations.

After announcing his cancer diagnosis in summer 2015, Foster underwent extensive treatment. He was a nature lover and enjoyed activities such as pond yachting and downhill skiing. He died peacefully surrounded by family and loved ones. Both of his children, daughter Kate and son James, as well as his wife, Susan, are employed at ETC.

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