Four Hands Reveals “Crafted in the USA” Collection at High Point Market

Austin, Texas-based Four Hands, a leading designer of trend-setting home furnishings, is adding a domestically manufactured line of products under the name Crafted in the USA. The U.S.-made furnishings are possible thanks to a new collaboration with two manufacturing facilities, one in North Carolina and the other in Mississippi.

“One of our guiding principles is that we continually offer products that our customers absolutely fall in love with — and this means that we’re on a never-ending quest to lead with beautiful design, the finest craftsmanship, and remarkable materials,” said Matthew Briggs, CEO of Four Hands. “The addition of domestic production strengthens the business with several benefits, which translate across who we are as a company and the experience that our customers have with our products.”

The introduction of U.S. manufacturing dials up the value proposition for Four Hands customers. “We’ve enlisted makers who are highly skilled in their craft, stemming from the storied traditions of American furniture making,” added Rick Lovegrove, President/Upholstery for Four Hands. “The products themselves feature premium materials that are primarily sourced in the U.S., most within 50 miles of the manufacturing facilities, ranging from fabrics to the internal frames and mechanisms. What’s more, the local production means shortened lead times and a lower carbon footprint, with products shipping less distance to reach the customer. This lower carbon footprint is tied into an ethos of mindfully made furnishings.”

The inaugural Crafted in the USA collection will be comprised of approximately 50 products, several of which will be launched at High Point Spring Market. The company will also be re-launching the Wickham Sofa Bed with entirely American-made mechanisms and materials.

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