Free Webcast Sep 15: Reducing Energy Consumption with Lighting Controls

enLightenment MagazineThe National Lighting Bureau is encouraging building owners and managers; architects; interior designers; electrical

engineers and contractors; property, facility, and asset managers; and others responsible for building design,

construction, and energy consumption and conservation to attend a free Webcast on Thursday, September 15 from 1:00PM-2:00PM



The Webinar focuses on the newest lighting-control technologies, strategies, and systems that can help building managers

achieve sustainability and budget objectives; e.g., digital lighting controls, wireless systems, advanced-daylighting and

window-shade controls, and occupancy sensors.


Speakers will also address energy-code compliance and intelligent-building systems integration. The Webcast is sponsored by

the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), a founding sponsor of the National Lighting Bureau, and Building

Operating Management magazine. To register, visit

Speakers will include Michael Jouaneh of Lutron Electronics, a National Lighting Bureau sponsor. Active in the development

of various green-building codes and standards, Jouaneh has authored several articles, white papers, and case studies on

high-performance green buildings, energy conservation, and sustainability.


According to Douglass M. Baillie, NEMA’s representative on the National Lighting  Bureau board, “Many of the companies that

invest in lighting controls primarily to reduce energy waste and save money are delighted by the flexibility they also

offer, permitting adjustment of lighting levels to enhance aesthetics or just the mood. Those who have not yet looked into

all that lighting controls can do for them are missing the boat. Attending this free Webcast is a must.”

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