Global Views Launches Direct-to-Consumer Online Store Featuring Brands Including Emporium Home & Arete Collection

You might not have heard of anyone named William D Scott, but pretty soon consumers may be on a first-name basis with “him.” That’s the name given to a new, online direct-to-consumer retail shop established and operated by Global Views, headquartered in Dallas.

This does not mean that the Global Views and Studio A merchandise you carry in your showrooms will now be offered to your customers. According to David Gebhart, CEO of Global Views, “Products on our new direct to consumer retail website – William D Scott – can only be found at and nowhere else.”

The William D Scott line is being presented as a “carefully curated” offering of lighting, decorative accessories, case goods, wall art, and textiles. It will also feature two lines that may be familiar to retailers: Emporium Home, designed and run by Ashley Childers, and Arete Collection, which was originally founded by Bradley Clifford and George Sellers and acquired by Global Views in 2017.

Emporium Home is renowned for its unexpected mixes of natural stones and metals in mirrors, furniture, lighting (lamps, chandeliers, and sconces) wallpaper, artwork, and rugs. The Arete Collection is renowned for carved and hand-crafted furnishings, including lighting, accessories, and nature-inspired furniture.

There is also a “to-the-trade” program for industry professionals.

“I am thrilled to partner with Global Views on the creation and launch of William D Scott,” comments Paul Watson, VP/Business Development at Global Views. “Our goal is to be ‘The Source’ for inspiration, information, and the discovery of the truly unique. Designers and consumers will be invited to visit our carefully curated site and gain knowledge of all things beautiful for their home environments. We will provide exceptional customer service in line with the high standards set by Global Views and Studio A Home.”

“We acquired Emporium Home and the Arete Collection with the idea of establishing a new channel of distribution to reach new customers to expose them to these beautiful product lines,” Gebhart explains. “I started my career in retail merchandising and feel this direct to consumer retail channel of distribution is the appropriate next level of transformation for companies like Global Views and Studio A Home.”

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