IMC Debuts Digital Sales Division, Acquires RepZio & Pharos

International Market Centers (IMC) has launched a wholly owned, stand-alone, B2B e-commerce division called IMC_di to offer vendors a single integrated digital platform that enables them to reach new buyers, capture leads, and grow sales.

With 20 million square feet of physical markets in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and High Point, the e-commerce platform will allow buyers to place orders either in person or online through one integrated account. IMC’s recent acquisitions of two best-in-class technology companies focused on the gift, home furnishings/lighting, and apparel industries: Pharos (formerly a division of Whereoware) and RepZio. Pharos is an integrated sales, marketing, and commissioning software tailor-made for the gift and home furnishings industry. RepZio is a patented, B2B sales solution and digital marketplace that enables wholesale vendors and distributors to connect and transact.

“This is a game-changing opportunity for IMC and the industries we serve,” says Bob Maricich, CEO of IMC. “IMC_di’s customer-centric digital tools will connect physical and digital markets and will amplify the business-to-business and person-to-person experiences that make our markets so special. This new digital platform will enhance and extend IMC’s physical markets – connecting hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers – and will open new business opportunities for customers. We look forward to delivering a seamlessly integrated omni-channel B2B commerce platform to the industry.”

RepZio and Pharos customers need not worry; operations will remain more or less the same. Eric Dean, founder of Pharos, has been appointed President of IMC_di, and RepZio founders, Max and Alex Fraser, as well as Brandon Ward, who currently leads digital services at IMC, will serve as Senior Vice Presidents.

“Our industry is in need of easy-to-access tech solutions that reduce friction, and IMC’s ownership and stewardship will enable us to make that software solution a reality,” Dean comments. “IMC’s physical markets and web platforms already deliver a global and highly engaged audience. After watching this need develop in the industry for more than 20 years, I’m excited to have the talent and resources to realize this vision and fully address the opportunity in the market.”

In addition to supplier and buyer benefits, IMC_di’s products will work in harmony with multi-line sales agencies to provide for seamless commissions.

“Our mother was a sales representative in the decorative home furnishings industry for 20 years, and almost 10 years ago we developed RepZio to help her on the road and at market,” explains Alex Fraser. His brother, Max, adds, “Reps often tell us that we’ve made their work easier and helped them to be more successful. We’re delighted to partner with IMC and are very excited to expand our software tools and solutions at IMC_di.”

The 47-person IMC_di team will be comprised of engineers, seasoned developers, and marketers of software. Within one year, IMC_di will hire an additional 50 to 75 full-time employees with particular emphasis on solution-based product development, hands-on customer success and on-boarding, and user experience.

“Since its founding in 2011, IMC’s mission has been clear and consistent: to provide the most effective, efficient, and compelling B2B Marketplace for the industries we serve for both buyers and sellers,” Maricich states. “IMC_di is the logical next step in our commitment to this mission, making discovery more efficient, relationships more valuable, and our physical markets more effective for our industry.”


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