Legrand Unveils First Smart Home Products With Netatmo

In the three years since Legrand acquired smart home technology company Netatmo, the companies have been developing an expansion to Legrand’s adorne® and radiant® Collections of designer switches and outlets. By leveraging the Netatmo technology, Legrand provides advanced options for managing the lights and power of an entire home, from anywhere, through the intuitive Home + Control app.

By being built on the Netatmo platform, the new adorne and radiant solutions use less energy to operate and are therefore able to offer heightened flexibility. With battery-powered, wireless smart switches and dimmers, the solutions allow users to easily add 3-way lighting control, anywhere they want it, without any wiring at all. Furthermore, all adorne or radiant with Netatmo switches, dimmers, and outlets have in-app visibility regarding their energy consumption, helping users monitor their usage to reduce cost and waste.

“The acquisition of Netatmo in 2018 has afforded Legrand the ability to accelerate development of cutting-edge products and naturally extend our selection of designer switches and outlets,” says Angela Coffman, a VP/Marketing & General Manager of Collections at Legrand. “The adorne and radiant Collections are known for delivering exceptional style and innovative functionality, and by incorporating Netatmo we can elevate spaces with even smarter options for the home, providing unrivaled levels of reliability and flexibility along with advanced design.”

Optimized for whole home use, all adorne and radiant with Netatmo solutions start with a Smart Gateway to create a robust, dedicated network that can support advanced control of lights and power in any home environment. The Zigbee-based mesh network strengthens with every switch or outlet added, making the solutions ideal for larger homes and homes where wifi signals struggle.

The Gateway is available in two flexible options: installed in a standard electrical box, or as a surface-mount version attached to an existing switch/outlet with no new wiring required (it would lay flush on top of the wall). Any combination of Netatmo-based smart devices can then replace existing switches, dimmers, and outlets; in new construction, they wire identically to standard devices. Set-up is simple through the Legrand Home+Control app, which lets users easily add or delete devices, personalize settings, and manage energy usage. In addition, it is compatible with the leading voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit), as well as an open API, make it easy to connect these solutions to a home’s existing smart products or automation system.

Attendees at the June Lightovation in Dallas received an in-person demonstration of several innovations recently unveiled by Legrand at its permanent showroom in the Dallas Market Center. On-hand to speak about some of the developments – such as the Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery USB Outlets that can charge devices twice as fast – was Chip Wade, professional contractor and host, designer and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning series Elbow Room on HGTV. Wade has been Legrand’s Smart Lighting ambassador since 2020.  The Ultra-Fast Plus Power Delivery USB Outlets are engineered for intelligent charging and equipped with multilayered overcurrent protection to deliver the precise amount of power needed to increase speed without the risk of damage.

Regarding the new Netatmo product line, Wade comments, “I am so excited to integrate Legrand’s Smart Lighting with Netatmo into my upcoming projects. The flexibility of this system, combined with the strength of the Zigbee Mesh Network, makes it a no-brainer installation.”

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