Leviton Launches French & Spanish Language Web Site

Melville, N.Y.-based Leviton recently unveiled French and Spanish language versions of its Web site: www.leviton.com. The French and Spanish translated versions of the Web site will automatically update to synchronize with the English language Web site. Customers can now access the site in a language they’re more comfortable with, gaining access to complete resources and best uses for various Leviton products. “As Leviton expands our presence in the international marketplace, we recognized the increased number of French- and Spanish-speaking customers and understood the need to connect with them in the language they’re most comfortable,” says Daryoush Larizadeh, Leviton’s Chief Operating Officer. “Leviton aims to continue growing our business on a global level and through these types of initiatives we’ve been able to provide customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial building industries with complete solutions across the globe.” “The translation of Leviton.com is a process we’ve been undertaking for quite some time, ensuring that nearly every page on the Web site is translated properly into French and Spanish,” explains David Keller, Leviton’s Senior Director of e-Business. “Through the use of linguistics capabilities, Leviton has established a turnkey approach that automatically updates and maintains each version of the Web site once the U.S. version is updated.” Accessed via drop-down tab at the top of the home page, the French and Spanish language Web sites are completely overhauled versions of Leviton.com, which was launched in English in January 2012. The Web site welcomes visitors with a clean interface layout and a rotating carousel of vibrant images that links directly to key pages on the site. The navigation menu allows for simple browsing by condensing the number of tabs, bucketing relevant information under each tab, and providing visitors the option to search for specific products or by solution. The site also links visitors to all of Leviton’s social media channels directly from the home page.

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