Manufacturers to the Rescue: Litex’s Woodard & Howard Elliott Are Producing Face Masks

Texas-based Woodard-CM, LLC, a subsidiary of Litex Industries, Ltd. (whose companies include Craftmade) has converted part of its sewing capacity at its outdoor furniture factory in Michigan to the manufacture non-N95 face masks primarily for medical professionals, first responders, and patients. Personnel at the domestic manufacturing facility have already created cutting dies and ordered fabric. According to a company press release, the company believes it can ramp up production to 1,000 masks per day.

The 154-year-old Woodard factory is reaching out to other American furniture manufacturers to help in any way possible. “Now is the time to give something back, and we’re all in this together,” says Jean Liu, Litex’s CEO. “We will gratefully accept any and all assistance as we try to fill a short-term gap during this crisis.”

Similarly, Addison, Ill.-based home accents manufacturer The Howard Elliott Collection, which specializes in decorative mirrors and furniture, has tweaked its operations to begin manufacturing protective non-N95 masks for medical professionals.

Explains Brian Berk, President, “We have supplies. We have the skills. So why not shift our efforts to making some kind of protection for the people that need it most?” In a statement posted on, Berk adds, “I quickly realized that many of the materials used in a protective mask are the same materials we use in our production of some of our home furnishing products. After a few prototypes were made in our sewing operation, we have been able to begin producing the masks much more efficiently.”

Howard Elliott reportedly has the capacity to produce thousands of masks and has been producing them for the last week, according to the press release. The company is offering them to any medical center that will accept them.

Photo caption: Howard Elliott staffers happily delivering newly made face masks.

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