Sam Guye Retires From Kichler After 29 Years

“It is with bittersweet emotion that we announce the retirement of Sam Guye, effective November 1,” a statement from Kichler to the industry reads.

Sam started his career with Kichler in February 1991 as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager based in Chicago, where his selling skills, management abilities, and overall business savvy impressed senior management in record time. As a result, he was promoted to National Sales Manager and moved his family to Cleveland.

“Sales and product development blossomed during this time. Sam partnered with customers and internal resources to bring new and innovative products to the market. He was instrumental in the successful product introduction launches of Landscape Lighting, Cabinet Lighting, New Street, and Ceiling Fans. He was the sales mind and voice of the customer behind our whole home solutions vision,” the letter states.

Kichler appreciated Sam’s efforts, pointing out, “Developing sales and long-term relationships didn’t come without sacrifice. Sam became a road warrior across the U.S & Canada. The majority of these years, Sam would kiss his wife, Gloria, and their kids goodbye on Monday mornings and come home Friday evenings. He met with customers at their convenience, never minding if that meant early mornings, evenings, or weekends. Logging over 1,000,000 flight miles, 6,000+ hotel stays, hundreds of golf outings, and multiple Dallas Markets, Sam was, and will always be known as our good will ambassador.”

According to his Kichler family, “Sam managed a tight ship and earned the respect of our associates, rep agencies, customers, and competitors. Whenever Sam uttered the statement, ‘It is what it is,’ people knew his decision was final. He never asked anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. He usually did things first, in order to teach people. That is one of the main reasons why so many associates from our main office wanted to travel with Sam. They knew a few days in the field with Sam would provide meaningful information, and if you were lucky, a dinner at one of Sam’s favorite restaurants. We have been blessed and fortunate to have Sam on our team fighting the good fight. He’s one of a kind for sure. Sam, Thank you for your leadership, friendship, integrity, and relentless drive for success.”


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