Solaria Lighting’s Founder Retires, Closes Company

After 25 years of collaborating with leading designers, builders, and home furnishing retailers, Rob Warrington – President & Founder of Solaria Lighting, headquartered in Decatur, Ga. – has announced his retirement in 2019.

“I have enjoyed the inspiring work and many lifelong relationships afforded to me over the years in the industry,” Warrington states, adding, “While I am exiting the industry, I am sure that Solaria customers will continue to illuminate their homes with charm and sophistication.”

Operationally, Solaria will cease procurement and production in early 2019. Effective December 14, it will be discontinuing made-to-order items. In addition, the company’s website has been updated to reflect only in-stock inventory. All orders placed before December 14 will be produced and shipped on time.

Over the next coming weeks, the Solaria will announce various discounting opportunities on remaining inventory, furniture, fixtures, and other assets.

Anyone wishing to acquire inventory, furniture, fixtures, and other assets in bulk or just want to wish Warrington well, can email

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