Delray Beach, Fla.-based manufacturer Twin Star Home has introduced Elevate, a comprehensive marketing program designed to enhance and boost the marketing efforts of its retail partners through sales training videos, branded digital and online content, visual merchandising tools, and advertising support.

“We invested a lot of time understanding the needs of our retail partners so we can provide a more effective way to educate them about our products and provide the right marketing tools and content to help them engage – and ultimately – convert consumers and drive sales,” says Lisa Cody, VP/Marketing. “One thing we learned early on in our research is that a one size fits all approach won’t suffice because the dealers all operate differently. Our goal was to develop a program that offers our retail partners flexibility and options they can tap into throughout the process and help them close deals.”

The Elevate program, which can be customized to fit a particular retail partner’s needs, includes brochures, catalogs, POP, and videos highlighting key features of Twin Star Home products. With more consumers doing their research online, the company says Elevate delivers the right digital assets to optimize customers’ websites to excite and educate consumers before they walk into the showroom. As part of the program, Elevate provides insights about consumer’s online searches to help retailers place targeted information on their website, social media, and in their advertising.