UL Offers Brighter Future Program for Lighting Retailers

Lighting Magazine: enLightenment

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has introduced an educational program designed to help lighting showrooms educate consumers about key technology and regulatory changes that will impact their purchases. Part of the Brighter Future program is a free, one-hour Webcast called “Showroom Safety 101” which reveals how the UL mark protects people, products, and places as lighting technology evolves. It also provides macro lighting market trends; details the UL mark; explains the differences between outdoor, wet-location testing, and low-voltage ratings plus what each designation means; gives an Energy Efficiency Program overview including the new Lighting Facts label, all about ENERGY STARĀ®, and the Design Lights Consortium. Information about sustainable lighting fixtures, such as how a fixture may earn LEED points, available rebate programs, and how to get the most for your customers is also disclosed.

In addition to the basic review, the Brighter Future program includes a tutorial designed to assist lighting showroom staff with educating consumers about how lighting technology has changed, safety implications, and how regulatory and model codes are shaping the future of lighting. Retailers will also hear strategies for selling solid-state and LED-based lighting products. The “Lighting Facts and Fiction” section explains the truths and common myths about incandescent, CFL, and LED lamps. Retailers will also learn about energy efficiency from the consumer’s perspective.

Attendees who successfully complete the program will receive:

UL Brighter Future Certificate of Completion
Retail-ready, in-store sales tools for lighting technology, safety and performance
Point-of-Sale UL placards and literature
Quick Reference Sales Guide to materials

Sign up and watch the free Webcast today. http://www.uluniversity.us/catalog/display.resource.aspx?resourceid=352482

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