WAC Lighting’s InvisiLED® Wins ADEX Award

enLightenment Magazine reports on WAC LightingDesigned for outdoor accent lighting applications, WAC Lighting’s InvisiLED® 24-volt Outdoor Tape Lighting System has received the Platinum ADEX Award for Design Excellence.  It is available in a choice of the five-color Classic system or the color-changing Palette system. Water-sealed in silicone-cased tape, InvisiLED® delivers crisp quality light and navigates curves easily. It is IP-68 rated and can be submersed in up to five feet of water. The color-changing InvisiLED® Palette system can be controlled by DMX and other wireless devices.

The InvisiLED® Classic system operates on 2 watts per foot while InvisiLED® Palette runs on 1.5 watts per foot. The LED tape has a very low profile of ½ inch wide x 1/8 inches high and may be cut in the field every two inches.  InvisiLED® offers a minimum run length of one foot and a maximum length of 40 foot.  The tape has four mounting options including three different clips and one retrofit channel.

The InvisiLED® Outdoor Lighting System has wireless controller features that include pausing and playing the RGB color-changing effects and controlling the color-changing speed.  The system switches from a solid white color to a color-changing mode, and the brightness can also be controlled.

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