5 Tips For Juvenile Lighting

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5 Tips For Juvenile Lighting

5 Tips For Juvenile Lighting: What Consumers Want

“When it comes to little girls’ bedrooms, people are looking for Shabby Chic-like petite chandeliers with colored crystals,” explains Michelle Edmonds of Ray Lighting Centers in Michigan. “We’re also selling a lot of the LED Guidelights from Philips.”

The Guidelights – which are offered in various shapes – are motion-activated and designed to help little ones who wake up in the middle of the night to find their way to the bathroom or give comfort to a waking child afraid of the dark. “You can hook them on a child’s bed, and they can unhook it to use as a flashlight.  They’re darling and decorative and have become great add-on sales.”  (The Guidelights typically retail under $40) Edmonds mentions that lighting products and ceiling fans that are very colorful and “happy- looking” have sold well.  Ceiling fans in airplane motifs are also quite popular.

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Make a Vignette
Instead of sprinkling juvenile products through-out the store, gather them together in a designated section that incorporates a variety of elements, such as a desk with a trio of task lamps on display, decorative mirrors in funky shapes or bright colors on the wall, a nightstand with a table lamp or unique alarm clock, and casual seating like a beanbag chair with an interesting floor lamp nearby (i.e. one of the arc styles), and an appropriate ceiling fan above.  Showing products in an inspirational setting always helps the customer visualize better than simply lining up lamps on long table.

Consider Your Location
When Bright Light Design Center opened up right next door to a Babies R Us in the same strip mall, merchandiser Doug Miller and regional sales manager Daniel Mattes opted to take advantage of the passing shoppers walking by their front window by creating an attractive juvenile lighting display in the corner adjacent to the Babies R Us. Mattes and Miller affirm that many shoppers come into the lighting store, pushing their Babies R Us cart of purchases, and perusing the lighting display because they noticed it on their way into the other store and were already in the mindset of shopping for children’s merchandise.

Is your lighting store situated next to a family-oriented restaurant or retail store?  If so, it may be worth drawing attention to your selection of lighting that would please children and teens.

Emphasize the Study Partner
Homework is a fact of life for kids – and the amount of time they need to study keeps growing exponentially. Task lights can be a student’s best friend from grammar school through college.  Today’s variety of task and desk lamps range in style from articulating arms for maximum flexibility to glare-free models for use next to a computer monitor.  Many task lamps today utilize LED technology for long life, bright light, and yet remain cool to the touch for safety.  Why not arrange a display of your task lamps that centers around a desk surface to underscore that practicality?

Don’t Forget the Accessories
There are a lot of clever add-ons that can help children and teens personalize their bedrooms. For example, wall decals in themes from florals and bubbles to floating picture frames and sports themes are an economical way for kids to dress up their spaces.  Mirrors in unusual shapes, artwork, signs, borders, pinboards, and shelves are other decorative touches that can enhance your juvenile and teen vignette.  Tag them for sale!

Recommend a Shade Switch
According to Jeni Melnick-Davenport, vice president of Morlee Lampshade, which manufactures a multitude of custom and standard shades in the U.S., “Vanity lampshades are growing in popularity as an easy way to update a room without redecorating.”  She has observed that some of her family-owned company’s bright colors (in pinks, purples, and lime green) have been a hit with the teen market, along with animal prints such as zebra and python paired with colorful accent trim.

For customers wanting to update a child’s room easily and affordably, suggesting a replacement shade for an existing nightstand lamp may be the perfect solution.

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