Seasonal Display Ideas From Gayle Maccia,The Style Ranger

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We asked uber-successful retail stylist Gayle Maccia of The Style Ranger how lighting stores could create an unforgettable front window display that celebrates Thanksgiving.

“First, I like to think of words that signify the theme,” she states. “The words that immediately come to mind are gather, family, fireplaces, things to be thankful for, cornucopia, wool clothing, home cooking, and piles of leaves.” Very often just thinking of words associated with the holiday will spark a creative display idea, she says.

Since Thanksgiving is a time when a lot of emphasis is placed on entertaining and families getting together, Maccia suggests putting a traditional chandelier over a dining table, some complementary portable lamps on either console or end tables, plus adding decorative accessories all around. “What would be a good way to convey Thanksgiving via props? I’d look into finding a fake turkey or a stove facade,” she comments.

Humor is always memorable. “How about putting something unexpected like a stuffed animal cat or dog sitting on the table near the turkey? Or you could set a dining room table properly with china, as if you are expecting guests, and then have a few dozen fake mice placed around the table for a sense of fun,” Maccia notes. Use objects sold in the showroom — such as light switches, sockets, bulbs, finials — and display them in unusual ways within the theme: maybe a cornicopia on the table that is spilling over with bulbs.

“You could also make the dining tableau have a gluttony theme,” she comments. “Remember the book ‘Extraordinary Chickens’ featuring exotic ornamental chickens? How about you do something similar with turkeys and create a sculpture out various lighting products with feathers?”

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