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[dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#46e26d”]W[/dropcap]ith all regions of the country reporting an upswing in sales and consumer confidence during 2015, all signs point to that growth continuing into 2016 — yes, even though it is an election year. During the Fall High Point Market, the Style Spotters (sponsored by Crypton Home Fabric) narrowed down some of the top new trends in home fashion going forward.

Interior decorator, blogger, author, and public speaker Arianne Bellizaire of Arianne Bellizaire Interiors points to Artisan Craftsmanship as a significant trend. Products that highlight the incredible skill of furniture designers and artisans with attention to detail, refined processes, and exceptional craftsmanship will continue to catch the interest of consumers.

The fall High Point Market also saw renowned fashion and accessories designers such as Kate Spade and Cynthia Rowley dipping a toe in the home fashion waters. Bellizaire predicts Fashion/Jewelry Inspired looks will continue not only with recognizable fashion brands, but also with furniture designers making more literal references to fashion in their product designs. The corollary will apply not only to shape and color palettes, but also in luxury embellishments such as fringe, ruching, jewelry-inspired knobs, and draped beading.

Kati Curtis of Kati Curtis Design notes Specialty Materials are on the rise, such as semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, vellum, and pressed silver. Deep tones such as aubergine and dark navy are appearing on more furnishings and accessories along with metallics such as German silver and rose gold.

Wood  The Gibralter cocktail table, from Robert James Collection, combines a wood top with a Hammered Fossil finish on the sides for a unique textured edge.
Wood The Gibralter cocktail table, from Robert James Collection, combines a wood top with a Hammered Fossil finish on the sides for a unique textured edge.

Florals will gain in popularity, according to Curtis, because they signify comfort, history, and familiarity. This is not to say that time-worn dated floral patterns are still in vogue, but more like new ways and interpretations that designers are adapting as floral patterns and colors in their products.

Beth Dotolo, co-owner and principal interior designer of Pulp Design Studios, calls one of the trends she spotted Ethereal Glam, which she describes as a more glamorous approach to the new simplified look that’s been gaining ground over the past year. She predicts we’ll be seeing more whites, brass, and acrylics this spring along with a twist on earthy whites and neutrals to give interiors an ethereal feel.

Dotolo also gives a nod to the Global Vintage look, with interiors and furnishings taking on a more collected feel in the last few years, becoming more of a global look combined with a vintage twist. She points to styles from the 1960s and ’70s that offer a well-traveled aesthetic with a touch of tribal style.

Universal Curated Authenticity Entertainment Console
Eclectic Environments The Authenticity Entertainment Console from Universal adds an unexpected Mid-Century Modern vibe with a long, low case that appears to float on a slender-legged base. Also shown are the Berkley 3 café chair, Sundance Soho accent chair, New Bohemian Artsy étagère, plus Haven chair and ottoman.

Designer Lori Gilder of Lori Gilder Interior Makeover notes rich Wood as a strong trend with many species of wood represented.  She also predicts the growing popularity of the pairing of white and gold — most notably brass finishes coupled with white fabrics, stones, and natural wood.

Patti Johnson of Patti Johnson Interiors points to the plethora of Metal and metalwork at market as a growing trend. She observes the look taking hold as lampshades, accents on case goods, nailhead trim on upholstery, and full metal pieces such as beds with Polished Nickel and Brushed Brass more dominant than other metals.

Johnson mentions that Geometrics as a pattern in all areas of home furnishings continues to be strong whether on case goods or smaller pieces like lamps and decorative accessories.

One of the continuing trends observed by enLIGHTenment Magazine’s editors is the desire for consumers to have Eclectic Environments. People love the notion of being surrounded by reminders of their favorite vacation spots or regions they love, or exotic places they’ve been. Conjuring up that inspiration without having the assortment look too random or schizophrenic can be difficult for homeowners to pull off.

Home Decor Trends- Gibralter Cocktail Table
Wood The Gibralter cocktail table, from Robert James Collection, combines a wood top with a Hammered Fossil finish on the sides for a unique textured edge.

Today’s manufacturers are making that challenge easier to accomplish with pieces that look more like “found antiques” than store-bought furniture — and yet have them all remain complementary.

Sometimes referred to as Boho Chic, the eclectic look has elements that can be part vintage, part folksy, a bit organic, and plenty colorful. Whatever you want to call it, this casual lived-in look is easy for people of all income levels to relate to and recreate with their own personal flair.

Children of all ages are expressing more refined tastes when it comes to décor, wanting their bedrooms to have a more sophisticated expression of themselves. Restoration Hardware Gallery now has an entire floor designated for the Nursery category, which is subdued in color and has accoutrements that smack of sophistication over the cliché colors, cartoons, and patterns. Sophisticated Kids is a trend that enLIGHTenment Magazine editors believe will continue strongly throughout 2016, especially as birth rates are at a high level.

Kids as young as three or four are experts with technology today, and for that reason, even children’s furniture companies are finding the need to incorporate high-tech touches into their product lines. For example, the Smartstuff™ by Universal Furniture line includes such amenities as patented charging stations, removable drawer partitions for easy organization, secret compartments, built-in lighting that is strategically placed for studying or as a nightlight, desks with pull-out keyboard trays, and a clever tray for upper bunks that creates a “nightstand in the sky” for an iPod, cell phone, or alarm clock.

Retro, Eco-Friendly, and Organic looks are themes that have been popular for several years now and show no signs of waning. While home décor buyers might be tired of seeing these motifs, the American public is not. Count on these trends to continue having staying power all through 2016. 

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