Right now the colors that have been holding fast since 2010 are the soft, gray muted blues, greens, and creams (see image), according to certified color specialist Donna Frasca, based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

enLightenment magazine reports on lighting trends

“I recently traveled up to Long Island and stopped off at the Benjamin Moore store in Port Jefferson,” she relates. “I asked the store manager which colors were trending there. He replied, ‘We are selling a lot of sage green, beige, and gold. People are really gravitating to the Historic Colors [from Benjamin Moore], too,'” Frasca has found that color preferences are not regional. “There seems to be a common like for coastal colors and the highly requested ‘spa feel,'” she observes.

“In upcoming colors, Iíd love to see ‘orange’ ranging from the light peaches to the spicy and exotic vibrant hues. These are the perfect companions to both blue and green and can be used just as an accent color or on the full wall to update these trending color schemes,” Frasca recounts.

“As far as future lighting trends, that may get complicated. Weíll have to sit tight to see what the light bulb restrictions will be, but I feel that eliminating traditional incandescent bulbs and switching over to LED or CFL will have an impact on how colors will be viewed in our homes.”

Frasca also has a wish list for lighting manufacturers: “Lighting products are not only an obvious source of light for our homes, but they also provide ambiance, mood lighting, and also color as accent features. My ultimate dream would be to see lighting manufacturers debut products in new finishes. Why just brass, satin, pewter, bronze, brushed nickel, and variations of those? I would love to see a brushed nickel with an undertone of green, blue, or red. Why not? After all, you now have denim in all colors whereas jeans used to be just blue. I say letís get color into standard products and finishes and start thinking outside the box!”