Top Trends in Kitchens & Baths by Jeff Valles of Chown in Portland

“Black has been inching its way into lighting for several years, and now is starting to stick its nose into some of the higher-end faucets. Here in the Northwest, I’d describe the latest trend as “eclectic chaos.” We’re seeing things like Minimalist faucets with steampunk lighting fixtures with high-tech electric mirrors. Designers are putting together pieces that you’d not typically expect. There is a much more playful feel.

Vola faucet from Hastings
Vola faucet from Hastings

“We’re selling more warm-toned and softly brushed finishes that are unlacquered, offering a patina look. We’re also starting to see more use of color — we’ve done several jobs with pink faucets and black lighting fixtures. It might sound a little out there to some, but the spaces were striking.

“We’ve seen a significant drop-off in rose gold and gray tones, and also polished brass. I’d caution against anything that looks dated.”

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