Top Kitchen & Bath Trends from Scott Kaminski of Häfele America

“Probably our most-anticipated offering is one that we introduced last year; the response to our Multi-Dimensional Mirror has been so tremendous that we’ve already gone back to our suppliers to request more product. The mirror, available in three sizes, has four functions that can be changed with the push of a button:

Warm and cool makeup lighting built into the perimeter of the mirror

Background lighting

An anti-fog feature that warms the mirror so it doesn’t fog up when running hot water

An integrated Bluetooth speaker that connects to a smartphone for listening to music

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“Our entire LED lighting system can be controlled with any Bluetooth-enabled device.”[/mks_pullquote]

“One of the great design features is that the mirror is frameless, so it can literally work with any finishes or color schemes. We’ve also designed it to be accessible and usable by anybody. Even those who may not be comfortable with technology can easily master this in a matter of minutes. Our entire LED lighting system can be controlled with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The mirror itself is literally a plug-and-play system. Homeowners just need a regular outlet behind it — there is no need for electricians to run any special wiring and no adapters are required.

“We’ve taken smart technology even further with our Loox LED Lighting System. It’s smart, easy, and convenient to use. With the Häfele Connect app, any current or future Loox lighting installation can be easily controlled with a Bluetooth-enabled device. The app allows real-time, programmed, customized control of all Loox LED lighting fixtures.

Among the functions Loox can manage are:

Lighting the interior of a drawer, cabinet or pantry when opened, and turning it off immediately when closed

Under-cabinet/counter lighting

Closet lighting in a range of color temperatures so there are no surprises when you step out in daylight

Illuminating trophy cases, shelving, or other special collectables with simple plug-and-play switching options that simply require a standard outlet.

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