Other Home Trends to Watch in 2019

GE Appliances’ new Café brand offers The Matte Collection, the brand’s first line of customizable, modern kitchen appliances. The collection provides an option beyond stainless steel with tones such as brushed bronze, brushed stainless, brushed copper, and brushed black hardware and luxury matte finishes. Consumers also have the option to mix and match handles and knobs.

 LG Studio “smart” refrigerator
The LG Studio “smart” refrigerator has InstaView™ Door-in-Door® technology that allows consumers to see what’s inside without opening the door, reducing cold air loss.

Copper, a classic kitchen staple in both décor and high-end cookware, is the signature Café metal. Each handle in The Matte Collection has a copper cuff with a discreet Café logo. Soft brushed copper hardware will also be offered as one of the custom hardware options. Consumers can also select brushed bronze, brushed stainless, or brushed black hardware.

The Matte White finish complements premium cabinetry and works well with bronze-toned fixtures, resulting in a layered space that feels connected, clean, and timeless.

The Matte Black finish is inspired by the natural deep tones of wood and stone. Its depth and layering texture allow consumers to create crisp, bold statements.

LiteShelf is a great add-on product for showrooms. There is a range of retail and custom lighting solutions built around the concept of integrating LED lighting directly into shelving boards. Crafted of durable, scratch-resistant materials, it is designed for easy installation and is compatible with almost all shelving styles and a good solution for hard-to-light areas.

The LG Studio Series of appliances is offered in free-standing and built-in designs with clean lines and the latest in smart technology. Consumers just need wifi and a smart phone for voice-activated control. The LG Studio app enables consumers to keep an eye on their oven temperature and cooking status, plus know when the dishwasher has finished running, and more. The series comes in a complete collection of refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, cooktops, range hoods, and microwaves.

Kohler brings a new level of convenience to consumer bathrooms with the Verdera Voice lighted mirror. Using built-in Amazon Alexa, users can effortlessly control their ideal lighting levels, as well as other KOHLER® Konnect products.

SideChef has partnered with numerous appliance companies including GE, LG, Electrolux, and more to help homeowners create a true culinary experience in their kitchens with family and friends. The platform offers more than 11,000 recipes that come in categories for healthier eating, a range of food budgets, special occasions, and meals created by renowned chefs and bloggers, among other categories. Connected through smart appliance control, if a recipe calls for pre-heating the oven or setting a timer, no manual operation is required — the platform takes care of everything. It can even coordinate grocery deliveries via Amazon Fresh. SideChef offers step-by-step instructions for creating the shopping list and meal, along with, hands-free voice commands, photos, and instructional videos.

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