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[dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#4425a3″]D[/dropcap]uring its September conference, the American Lighting Association (ALA) announced that it will launch a new Web site, complete with updated content, a mobile-friendly design, plus a new system for accessing ALA’s online courses.

The site will be arranged as two sub-sites: one will focus on lighting design ideas and inspiration, and the other will provide information for ALA members and industry professionals.

The new Web site will be created using a modular platform, making the design more flexible while allowing for new capabilities to be added as the association and member needs evolve.

The content on the industry Web site will be categorized by membership category. Industry members visiting ALA’s Web site will be able to review ALA’s programs, education offerings, articles, and additional information based on their area of interest. Each member subcategory – Showrooms, Manufacturers, Sales Representatives, plus Designers & Associates – will find content specifically curated for their needs.

By prioritizing information based on industry area, members will not have to sift through all of the information and programs that ALA provides, making navigation easier. While information is sorted by member type, all sections (as well as an extended footer with all Web content) will be available to every ALA member.

One of the Web site’s most practical improvements is the new Professional Education module. Members will now be able to track their education credits, keep up with certifications, and review their past courses and training. The system will also feature automated reminders, which will be sent to members when it is time to renew their certifications. These upgrades will allow members to take control of their professional education process and better track what they have completed.

The face of the new ALA Web site will primarily focus on ALA-member products, lighting design ideas, and inspiration. Implementing an idea pulled from ALA’s recent consumer research, this section will be image-focused, reinforcing the finding that consumers look to Pinterest for and prefer to review image-based content for inspiration when shopping for lighting. This layout will allow ALA to showcase its manufacturer members’ products and photography.

The design site will contain a wealth of blog articles covering top trends, technical information, tips from lighting professionals, and video content. While the site will be aimed at consumers who want to upgrade their lighting, it can also be used by ALA members to help their customers envision and plan the lighting they want in their homes. Galleries will demonstrate the effects of layered lighting, dimmers and modern controls, plus present the current choices in light sources.

The new site will include directory information for all members, and a store locator will indicate ALA-member showrooms and certified professionals as well as a listing of product types provided by ALA manufacturers. The locator services will be upgraded to include an interactive map and an easy-to-navigate, consumer-friendly design. Members will also have access to the full membership directory listing for all companies and professionals. 

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