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Another Reason to be “in the Black”

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to many kitchen and bath design professionals and home furnishings pundits, the all-white kitchens and baths that have been the rage over the past several years are increasingly being edged out in exchange for shiny or, more typically, matte black finishes – especially popular when paired with brushed or polished gold/brass accents. In fact, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) just released its Top 5 Trends for 2019 and the first item of the list is for “Bold, Black Walls.”

What else made the list? Darker Countertops. The report notes, “As clients move away from the all-white kitchen, we’re definitely seeing a trend to darker counters in all materials. It’s a safe bet for most people who want to add more color and depth to the kitchen design. Marble will never go out of style, but we’re seeing darker tones specified in that material, too.”

How do those trends affect the lighting industry? Well, in a couple of ways. The most obvious is the plethora of matte black finishes on faucets, plumbing fixtures, and hardware that has led to the introduction of many matte black finishes (and black-and-gold combinations) on lighting fixtures and portable lamps at the winter markets. 

The second most important aspect to keep in mind for lighting professionals will be the consumers’ need for brighter light in their kitchens, powder rooms, and master baths due to the generous use of dark finishes on large surfaces such as walls, cabinets, and countertops. This is an opportunity for lighting showrooms to have a conversation with customers about how these dark finishes absorb light. In short, they’re going to need way more illumination in these rooms than they have currently.

Why not find an opportunity to partner with your local custom cabinetry or kitchen & bath design businesses to mutually benefit from this trend. In addition to referring customers or cross-merchandising products in each other’s showrooms, you can partner on educational events and invite a greater portion of the local architectural design community.

For more details on what is trending in product design and lighting for these two important rooms, this issue should serve as a convenient reference tool we hope you will utilize all year long.

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